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by Merissa on July 23, 2012

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Today was one of my favorite days of the month...our co-op order came in! For those of you that are new...we aren't big on buying much from the grocery store, preferring to stick to farmer's markets, our own garden produce, family raised meats, and our once a month co-op order. We order from Azure Standard because we just love the company and the prices are unbeatable for organics!

I had a huge order this month since we were pretty much out of food after coming home from vacation. I have some work to do this week also to preserve some of these fresh goodies! Here's what I got:

5 Food Buckets and Gamma Lids
Working on our whole foods food storage....

6 Containers of Yogurt
Last month this lasted less than the month so I plan on making some more with the last container and raw milk.

Bulk Cream Cheese

Baking Powder - Non Aluminum

10lb Frozen Strawberries
We love these for smoothies! And now fruit leather! (Recipe coming soon!)

Celtic Bath Salt Crystals
These are basically the Real Salt equivalent to epsom salts. I'm excited to see how they work.

40lb Organic Oranges
I'm going to juice these and freeze for smoothies!

5lb Quick Oats

5lb Rolled Oats

3lb Cottage Cheese
I make the best stuffed pasta.... 😉

50lb Yukon Gold Potatoes
I got a decent deal on these and I'm going to can them up this week for very quick easy meals! *Canning tutorial coming soon!

Organic Romaine Hearts
My lettuce in the garden all fried to a crisp:(


Castor Oil
Going to try the castor oil hot pack method for some ailments and see how it works.

Soy Cream Cleaner
This stuff is the best. I love it for cleaning sinks.

25lb Basmati Rice
I know I know, it's not brown rice. But hubby isn't quite there yet so this is my compromise.

1lb Couscous
For some cold salad dishes.

Between this and other fresh produce from the garden it should keep us busy for a while! I've got almost 100lbs of produce here to preserve but it's always worth it. 🙂

What's your favorite thing to order from a  co-op?

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