Digging Into Real Food ~ Varying Foods Up

by Merissa on June 3, 2011

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Something that has been essential to this diet that we have been doing in varying up foods. When I talked to my allergist about how to get the best nutrition into my diet, she highly recommended varying up our daily diet. She made me make up sample menus of what we normally ate during the day and she showed us what was wrong with them.

She recommended that we eat at least 2 proteins and 5 fruits or veggies per day. That may not sound like alot but when you have to change it up and eat small amount of various things, it proves challenging.

During my allergy testing I was proven to not be allergic to gluten or wheat. However in just the last few months I noticed that I've been relying too much on wheat products and when I overload in one day, I get really sick.

I'm not big on eating lots of different things so this has been the most challenging part of our new diet. It's expensive to buy all kinds of different foods(in the winter, in the summer we have garden produce so it's easy), and we tend to get comfortable in what we like to eat and stick with those things.

Having good variety of foods in our diet helps us maintain a healthy gut and digestive system. I found that out the hard way, by getting really sick whenever I ate too much of something.

As the months go on, I've gotten better at buying more different items and learning to include them into our diet. Meal planning has played a huge part in this since I should only eat one serving of each individual item per day. If I plan the meals out ahead of time I can have a more balanced diet.

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How do you vary it up in your diet? Has it proved to be a difficult task?

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1 Heather June 3, 2011 at 9:49 am

Hooray! Another blogger that believes in real foods! I’m a recent convert, so I’m slowly warming my audience up to the idea. 🙂 My son has autism and we’ve had to change his diet to help him. It’s made a big difference!
Also… your sugar link works, but I wasn’t able to click through to the other 3. Thanks!!


2 Merissa June 3, 2011 at 9:53 am

Thanks for letting me know, I will fix them!


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