Easy, Frugal, and Healthy Snacks

by Merissa on June 30, 2010

in Natural Living, Thrifty Living

So I have a question for my readers....what do you make for easy, cheap, and healthy snacks? I like to make foods and snacks with whole real foods which usually means simple. Yesterday I bought and started drying these bananas. I got the dehydrator at a rummage sale for only $2 and the bananas to fill 5 trays cost a little under $2.
I also made some frozen grapes last week when Safeway had the grapes on sale for .99 a pound. These 2 bags cost me around 1.50 total and they will keep me cool on these hot days! We don't have any air conditioning(which I never thought I could love without and it turns out I can!) so sometimes the house gets pretty warm and it's nice to cool down with cool snacks!

My mom makes homemade fruit roll ups and if anyone is interested I can get the recipe from her.

What do you make for cheap healthy snacks? I'd love ideas and pictures if you have them! Comment or email me with pictures.
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