Frosty Beeswax Candles (And Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget)

by Merissa on December 16, 2013

in Frugal Decor

Frosty Beeswax Candles - Little House Living

Frosty Candles

I love to decorate for the holidays. Nothing major but I feel like some beautiful accents here are there are fun. With not much leftover from our farmhouse renovation and remodel, this year I had to figure out how to create some fun winter centerpieces on a budget. (We sold all of our decor when we moved into the camper.)

I thought it would be fun to make some pretty Frosty Beeswax Candles since I love burning candles! These are really simple to make, here's all you have to do...

Frosty Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

What You Need:

Frosty Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Find a jar and make a Beeswax Candle following the instructions here. Let them cool before decorating. I decided to make a few. I made some little ones using some old baby food jars but I also want to make some "fancy" ones using one of the new vintage Mason Jars.

Frosty Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Once the jar and wax has cooled down, grab a gluestick and place the glue anywhere that you want to be "frosty". I'm really not sure how I picked up the purple glue but it worked!

Frosty Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Then simply place the jar in a bowl filled with epsom salts and coat the area that you put glue on. Let the glue dry and tada!

Frosty Beeswax Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

You have a lovely frosted glass candle! Make sure not to put glue on the bottom of the jar otherwise you may have a salty mess all over your table.

Frosty Beeswax Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Now to finish off your frugal winter wonderland centerpieces you can add a pretty bowl of ornaments. I went with blue because I love the whole "wintery frosty" blue theme. The entire bowl of ornaments I picked up for about $3 at a local store.

Next up is to make a little runner for the table to put all of this on. You should be able to find a yard or two of fabric for a few dollars. I cut this to the size I needed it to be then ironed an hem about an inch wide around the entire runner. Follow this by placing hem tape under the part that you just ironed and iron over again to seal the hem. And there you have a no sew table runner!

Frosty Beeswax Candles and Winter Wonderland Centerpieces on a Budget

Simple, beautiful, blue, and frosty! Plus it only cost a few dollars to put it all together.

What lovely centerpieces have you put together this year on a budget?


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1 Dawn October 17, 2014 at 9:39 am

You a very talented lady. I’m 70 year old female. You have such wonderful ideas. I’m going to give candles for Christmas it is something I can afford to do. I hope I can do this. Keep up the great job it helps to keep us young at heart. Brings back many memories. God Bless


2 Peggy Stenglein October 18, 2014 at 2:58 am

Yes, what a wonderful idea! Money is very tight this year, and this might be the ticket to some Christmas gifts!! Thank you!! 🙂


3 dana November 9, 2014 at 5:58 pm

The closer to home you can find a beekeeper, the more aromatic is the beeswax! Not stored in a factory while waiting to be ordered. Fresh is fantastic and my house smells like honey! Always use cotton wicks – thicker wicks for thicker candles. Mine are in jars, Ball jars, ( baby food jars use thinner wicks). And my pillar candles (freestanding) are 3 inches thick, using 60 ply cotton wicks. They never drip, as the burn circumference is only 1 inch. THEN I started making beeswax body bars: 1/3 beeswax + 1/3 coconut oil + 1/3 almond oil, and your own body heat helps melt the bar as you pass it over your skin. Not only does my house smell like honey, but so do we!


4 Sandra Petty November 15, 2014 at 5:31 am

We have a couple birthdays to go to, tonight, and it just so happens I have everything but the wicks on hand. I plan to use your Button Lamp wick pattern, using copper wire as the fabric warp around and your Beeswax candle recipe. I hope that the copper wire won’t be a problem in the hardened beeswax candle. Can’t wait to give them a go!


5 Erlene January 1, 2015 at 4:53 pm

Super simple idea for some festive decorations. Thanks for sharing. Would have never thought to use glue sticks on the outside of the bottles.


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