Homestead Hints ~ Why Certain Purchases are Worth It Part 2

by Merissa on July 8, 2011

in Homestead Hints

Out here in the country, life revolves a little differently than it does in the city. We put hard, long hours into making our homestead a self sufficient haven for our families. Homestead Hints will be a series following things that we’ve learned over the last several years on how to make our homestead living a little better. Welcome to the Little Homestead on the Prairie…

We have a special guest post today for Homestead Hints, written by the hubby!

For the last couple years I have been bugging Merissa that we need to buy a tractor.  I didn’t want anything fancy, just something to get the job done. After one of our neighbors told me that our drive way was starting to look like a "county line" I told Merissa that we really need to start looking seriously.  On our most recent trip to WI we looked a several tractors, as they where cheaper there then here in South Dakota.  But we did the math and by the time we rented a trailer and extra gas to get it back home the better part of a 1000 miles it wouldn’t be worth it.

I started looking at ads for auctions here in the Black Hills and we found a old Ford tractor on the list so we decided to see what it went for. When we got there and looked at it, it was in need of lots of work including all new tires, which don't come cheap. While deciding if it was worth our time to wait and see if it was worth it, a guy came up to us and asked if we are looking for a tractor, we told him yes and he said that he had a neighbor that had one for sale.  We gave the owner a call and took a look at it. It was parked away in a shed and hadn’t been used for quite some time since he had bought a new one, but it fired right up and ran like a top.

We decided to take out a small loan to buy the tractor.

So the reason why we borrowed money to save money.  Here on our homestead there is a lot of up keep, and tasks that take time. If I start making a list of equipment we need to maintain our property I would go broke thinking about it. So the reason we felt it was worth buying the tractor is because of all the uses you get out of it. You can get so many attachments for a tractor; blade, tiller, post hold digger, arm to use as a lift, mower, etc. But if you buy each individually for example a walk behind tiller new cost over half of what we paid for the tractor!

So we could have decided to buy a tractor in WI and haul it back to SD, or we could have decided to buy the tractor that didn’t run, and fix it up. But instead be bought a nicer, good running tractor, and we got it for less then others we looked at that needed work.
In this case we didn’t spend more on something nice because we got a really good deal on it, but by borrowing money to buy a tractor in general has saved us time and money, and will last for years to come. After all the tractor we bought is 70 years old this year, and still running great.



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1 Bobbi July 8, 2011 at 2:22 pm

You probably have the best tractor out of all of them being that old! They don’t make anything as good these days as 50 years ago. 🙂 I am living in the wrong era for sure, lolol. Good job on the tractor. It always pays to take a little extra time and reaserach your options.


2 Lana July 8, 2011 at 3:14 pm

Too bad cars don’t last like tractors 🙂


3 beth September 13, 2011 at 10:37 am

You are absolutly correct I think the tractor is probably the most important thing you can have, when we purchased our property that was the first thing I knew we needed as it was getting tuff mowing with a push mower ( my arm muscles were getting a work out) and we looked and found a neighbor that was selling his old Farmall, and was nice enough to work with us on taking payments. We have found alot of the attachments on line in our area at a fraction of what it would have cost new.


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