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by Merissa on October 7, 2009

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Here's another new post I am starting with the blog this week. I will make this post every Wednesday and it will be some kind of thrifty living tip, recipe, etc.
Today I'm going to talk about making a stock pile. I was going to do this as part of Couponing 101 but I think it's important so I will blog about it today. By the way you can find all the Couponing 101 posts by clicking the Couponing 101 link under labels on the right side of the page.
When I first started salvage store shopping/couponing I really didn't know what stock piling was. Don't get me wrong, I had a stock pile, just ask my husband, he used to make fun of me for it. When new people would come over to our house to see it (we just moved into our house in January) he would purposely not show them my pantry. So I stockpiled but I didn't really know why I did. I guess mostly because I was afraid we would get snowed in (With good reason! We had 3 blizzards in 2 weeks and were snowed in for several days!)
Since then I have learned why stockpiling is such a vital part of being a true couponer/thrifty person. See when I add things to my stock pile it's because I got them for free or almost free. Now when I need something, say lotion, all I have to do is go get a bottle out of my stock pile instead of running to the store and paying full price for something, just because I need it then. Does that make sense? I spend nothing for something while I don't need it to avoid paying something for something when I do need it.

A couple other things with stockpiles.... I mostly stock up on things that won't go bad for years and years; shampoos, hairspray, cough drops. I do also have somewhat of a stock pile in my pantry as well though. Mostly with canned goods and dry goods such as; oats, powdered milk, etc.
Now I have a pretty small house (for those of you that don't know, when we moved out here I nicknamed the house the Little House on the Prairie because basically that's all it is, and that's where I got the name for the site!) so my space is limited on where I can stock pile my things. Here's what I do to stay organized. (I'm an organization freak) I have my food pantry in a closet where I stock pile all my canned food. I keep the canned food on shelves and the dry goods in boxes under the shelves. I have the dry goods boxes labeled so I know how much of a particular item is in that box. (I just make check marks on the box next to the items name and then I cross them out when I take an item out of the box) I keep my flour in the freezer when it's possible.

In my tiny house I have 3 freezers. Me and my husband organized these so I know exactly where to find what I need. Veggies and cheese all go in one. (I buy all my cheese in bulk and shred it and freeze it) Meat and misc. go in the other, and open products and breads go in the one in the kitchen. Now for my non-food items I have several shelves in my bathroom. I keep everything in plastic boxes according to what it is and have all the boxes labeled. (See pic)
In addition to all this we are also in the process of building a cold cellar in the crawlspace so I can store winter squash.
I hope all this makes sense to you. I'm still recovering from whatever I have and my mind isn't totally clear yet. But in the end what you need to know is that stockpiles save you money. They keep you from having to pay full price for things that you could already have on hand. When you find a great deal on something, be it napkins, shampoo, nail polish, whatever it is that you use, don't feel silly buying, 5, 8, or 10 of the same product. Again if you have any questions or comments you can leave them as a comment here on the post or just email me. I'd love to help you out.
Also HERE's another article I found today on stockpiling a pantry.
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1 Charlotte Collins July 12, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Thanks for all the helpful hints. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. Every penny does count, it adds up over time.


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