Money Saving Tip #1

by Merissa on March 1, 2010

in Thrifty Living

Well, its our first day to start our money saving tips and ideas! I've gotten some great ideas so far!  .



Our first money saving tip is kind of obvious and maybe it's something you already do but I didn't know just how much it saved until I did a little research!



Use a dryer rack instead of your clothes dryer! Here's the cost breakdown:



Electric Clothes Dryer .36 per load(45 minutes)
Gas Clothes Dryer: .34 per load(45 minutes)



That may not sound like alot at first but let's add it up.



Lets say you have an electric dryer and you do an average of 6 loads per week.
That adds up to:


2.14 per week


8.64 per month


103.68 per year



Doesn't seem like much at first but that's for a minimal amount of laundry based on only a 45 minute drying cycle, sheets and towels usually take longer than that to dry. Maybe you can't start using a dryer rack for every load of laundry but what if you hung up only 3 of those loads per week? That saves you around $50 a year. Maybe that's not alot to some people but for us couponers, think how much that would buy you at Walgreens!



Here are some money saving tips I found on the subject from THIS website.



  • Make sure your lint filter is clean! Not only does this save you money, its a fire hazard to keep a full lint filter.

  • Wash early in the morning or at night. If your electric company charges you for using during peak hours, try washing and drying at night!

  • If you have to use your dryer in the winter, also use it to heat the house! This only works in areas with low humidity(like here!) Reroute your dryer hose so instead of going outside it goes into the house, then put cheesecloth or an old piece of pantyhose over the end of the hose. We do this and it saves us a little on our heat bill plus we didn't have to buy a humidifier!


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1 Kris September 29, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Also, save by not using dryer sheets. Dryer balls work great. Just train yourself & the fam to make sure they check their clothes each time & leave the balls in the dryer for the next load. If you need to fragrance, make homemade dryer sheets. There are lots of ideas out there but mostly consist of soaking a wash cloth in fabric softener & then letting it dry out/harden. Then it can be used for dozens of loads.


2 Leslie May 17, 2014 at 8:35 am

I use dryer sheets but I cut them in half. They last twice as long and work just as well.


3 Mea September 7, 2016 at 5:07 pm

I use vinegar in the washing rinse water – it cuts any soap residue and makes the clothes soft from the dryer with no dryer balls or dryer sheets. About a 1/4 cup for a full load.


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