Money Saving Tip #7

by Merissa on March 15, 2010

in Thrifty Living

I've been bad about getting these posted lately, too many other deals to worry about! Anyways, today's money saving tip is all about:

The cheap date night
I'll be honest, even though me and my husband don't have kids yet we rarely go out on dates. I literally cringe at the thought of paying so much for one meal. However I do think once in a while it's nice to get out and do something different. Here are a few cheap (and free!) date night ideas.
    • Visit your local public gardens in the spring/summer and admire all the flowers.


  • Take a hike or drive and have a picnic off the beaten path.



  • Go for a drive and just talk.



  • Go to your local museum on a free or bogo day. (local readers: The Journey has free days every month! check out the info HERE)


  • Have a cup of coffee and scan the books and magazines at your local book store.



  • Cook a fancy(but cheap!) dinner for each other and have it complete with candles and fancy folded napkins.



  • Browse through an antique shop together.



  • Go to the lake and fish or rent a paddle boat.



  • Go to a movie but see a matinee or go to the cheaper theatre that shows second run movies.


Be creative! There are lots of other ideas you can come up with. another example: rent a Redbox movie($1 or use a free code!) and watch it with a big bowl of kettle popped popcorn.

Now if you do want to go out to eat there are several ways you can save money on food. Such as:
    • Go out for lunch instead of supper


  • Order an appetizer instead of an entree



  • Split a meal



  • Just order dessert for a treat




Also, many restaurants will send you coupons for signing up for their newsletters. I am going to work on compiling a BIG list of these over the next couple days and I will post it HERE and make an additional post about it when I'm done. Also watch your local paper for coupons for local places. This picture is what I'm using for a surprise date night for me and my hubby. The BOGO coupon was found in a local paper insert and the meal coupon I talked about earlier.

I hope this gives you some ideas for a cheap date night! I love being frugal but still having fun! Here are a few date things me and my husband like to do together.
    • Go rockhunting


  • Go ghost town hunting



  • Go offroading(mainly to ghost towns!)



  • Just order crab rangoons to go from our favorite Chinese place and have them as a snack



  • Go anywhere and have a photo contest, see who can take the best picture of a certain thing



  • Take a drive up in the Hills(that usually ends with us getting taffy in Keystone



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