Ever wondering where to find _____? Here's a list of things that we currently use and where to get them. This list is constantly being updated so bookmark it for future use!

Rice - We get this in bulk from Azure Standard.

Beans - We either get these from Azure Standard or Sam's Club.

Wheat Berries - You can order these in bulk from Azure Standard or in smaller packages from Amazon.

Sugar - We get our turbinado and succant from Azure Standard. Although occasionally we can also find it at various surplus stores.

Salt - Azure Standard sells basic sea salt and Real Salt. Mountain Rose Herbs sells bulk pink and sea salts. And Amazon has a good variety of various sea salts, especially in the smaller packaging.

Baking Soda - Sam's Club has great bulk pricing on this.

Baking Powder - The best price I've found on this (for non- GMO powder) is from Azure Standard.

Yeast - I've been getting this in bulk packaging at Sam's Club. They have the vaccum sealed packages which are great for long time storage.

Milk Powder - We rarely buy milk powder because I never reconstitute it so I replace it with whey powder from Azure Standard. So far we can't tell the difference.

Unflavored Gelatin - I normally get this from Azure Standard but they also sell it on Amazon.

Unsweetened Cocoa - The best price I've found on this is through Azure Standard.

Buttermilk Powder - I buy this in bulk from Azure Standard and you can also get it through Amazon. This is a great item to have on hand!

Dried Onion/Garlic/Spices - Both Mountain Rose Herbs and Azure Standard carry a nice selection or organic spices. I know you can also get spices from Sam's Club but I'm not sure of all the brands they carry. I like to buy these in the 1 pound packages and store them in canning jars!

Lids and Rims for Canning - Most of the time I buy these from Menards. I also am starting to stock up on the reusable lids from Tattler. Surplus stores are another great place to watch for discounted lids!

Candles/Wick - I like stocking up on wicks and candle accessories at Hobby Lobby when I can use coupons but Amazon also sells a good selection of wicks and lamp oil.

Essential Oils -  Mountain Rose Herbs has a good selection of essential oils as does Azure Standard.

Water Storage Containers -  I've talked about buying water containers HERE.

Citric Acid - You can order this in a variety of sizes from Amazon or in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Honey - I recommend buying this as local as you can. I try and purchase this from a local farmers market.

Oil - I have been getting this from Sam's Club but Bountiful Baskets will now be carrying organic olive oil too for a fair price.

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1 Molly August 30, 2014 at 10:44 am

Excellent list and thanks for sharing – I am going to check out your recipes soon as I appreciate healthy, tasteful cooking as well and that seems to be your style.

best, Molly


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