The Little House Living Community Cookbook

The Little House Living Community Cookbook

Many years ago I told my husband that I wanted to someday put together a collection of recipes from the Little House Living readers.


Well because I know that since we are a like-minded community, that you all have some seriously amazing recipes and those recipes should definitely be shared.

A few years ago I published The Gardening and Preserving Journal with a company in Ohio and I loved the work they did on the journal. That’s why, now that we are living in Ohio for a year (and just about 25 miles away from that printer!), it’s the perfect time to put together this cookbook. (Saving on shipping costs will save us all on the cost of the book!) Not only that…this year is my 10th year writing Little House Living and I think that’s perfect timing for our community to come together and write this book!

Who’s Putting the Cookbook Together?

My husband and I (Merissa) will put everything together, edit it, do the design work, and have it printed by a local printer. (Everything done in the USA!) All the recipes will be from our Little House Living community!

Do You Have Recipes?

None of this will be possible without all of your wonderful recipes! Here’s what I need you to do. Simply click one of the links below that fits the category of the recipe you want to submit. Everything will be added to our spreadsheet so that we can put it in the cookbook. No pictures or anything else is necessary, just the recipe!

What Are the Rules/Guidelines?

  • Please make sure that your recipe is tested (tried and true!) and the instructions are clear.
  • Double-check the ingredients before you submit it on the form.
  • Add any notes that you might have for the recipe or any variations you may have tried. Be as thorough as you can.
  • Measurements need to be made using the Standard system (and not the metric system)
  • Recipes may only contain “real” ingredients. Recipes that contain boxed or overly processing ingredients are not a fit for this cookbook. For examples, see any of the recipes here on Little House Living. This is a cookbook for “recipes from scratch”!
  • Recipes should be frugal and not contain expensive or hard to find ingredients.
  • Submitting your name/state with the recipe isn’t required but it will be published with the recipe if you add it so make sure you put your name as you want it to appear.
  • Adding your email address is just for us so that we can keep you informed on the process with the cookbook.
  • You may submit as many different recipes as you’d like.

How Much Will The Cookbook Cost When Published?

The cost of the final cookbook will be determined by the size (how many recipes are in it) but we will try and keep it as affordable as possible while still making a nice final product. We will likely do the same binding/cover as The Gardening and Preserving Journal if you want to take a look at that. (spiral binding, firm cover and back, black and white inside). For every one that submits recipes to the cookbook we will offer a special discount code just for you. 😉

Submission Forms

Click the links below to be taken directly to the form to submit your recipes.

Appetizer and Snack Recipes

Bread and Muffin Recipes

Breakfast Recipes

Soup, Salad, and Sandwich Recipes

Vegetables, Beans, Rice, Pasta, and Side Dish Recipes

Main Meal Recipes

Dessert Recipes

Non-Food Recipes


Please email Merissa at [email protected] with any questions on this project.

Please note, not all recipes will be accepted for the cookbook. Recipes that are incomplete, expensive, contain boxed products, or are duplicates will not be published. Please double check your recipes before submitting!

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