15 Cheap Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Raised garden beds are a fantastic way to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

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Here are 15 cheap raised garden bed ideas that are fairly easy to implement and great for any gardener looking to add some elevation to their green space without emptying their wallet.

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Construct a durable raised bed using cinder blocks. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also offer additional planting spaces within the block holes.

Cinder Block Garden


Repurpose galvanized steel tubs  as raised garden beds for a rustic touch. Drill drainage holes in the bottom, fill with soil and start planting for an instant garden upgrade.

Galvanized Tubs


For a natural woodland look, frame your raised beds with logs. This is especially cost-effective if you have access to fallen trees or branches.

Log Framed Beds


Recycle old tires by painting them and using them as raised beds.  This not only saves the tires from the landfill but also adds a pop  of color to your garden.

Tire Planters