7 Ways to Be Self Sustaining

Do you feel like you are relying too much on the government, grocery stores, and other things so that you aren’t able to provide for yourself?

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It’s important to know basic skills and learn how to make things you need. Here are some ideas on how to be more self-sufficient no matter where you live.

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Learn how to cook. You don’t have to be good at it! It’s easy to learn to make a basic loaf of bread, even if it’s just a quick bread!

Learn how to do basic skills on your own.


Yes, anyone can plant a “garden”! Whether it’s a traditional garden or not, you can still grow veggies in your own backyard or even right in your house!

Plant a garden.


Anyone can learn to can and preserve! It takes a few steps, but it’s so easy!

Learn to can.


Basic tools, food to last more than a few days, appropriate clothing, and bedding will all make you more self-sufficient than the average person.

Make sure your home is stocked up with basic things.