Best Egg Laying Chickens  for the Backyard

Are you investing in some chickens this year? Today I’m sharing with you some of the Best Egg Laying Chickens for the Backyard that you might want to consider as you build your flock!

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This guide is not exhaustive but will help you decide which breeds will be a good fit based on their temperament, egg production, cold-hardiness, foraging capability, and more.

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Speckled Sussex is not a breed that I currently have, but my mom does and has had it for years.  This heritage breed will lay up to 220 brown eggs per year.

Speckled Sussex


The Sapphire Gems are sweet, gentle ladies that are more than happy to give you an abundance  of eggs as they lay an average  of 290 brown eggs per year.

Sapphire Gem


You can buy chicks that will eventually lay eggs from most farm stores during the spring.

Where to Buy Egg-Laying Chickens