Christmas Master Checklist

How can you keep things simple, meaningful, and intentional during the holiday season? By making a detailed plan and sticking to it using the Christmas Master Checklist!!

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Keeping track of all the details that make up a beautiful Christmas season helps me stay on track and helps my family celebrate the holidays in a way that works best for us.

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It’s definitely a plus to be able to plan gifts and activities ahead of time while you are not hurried or stressed.

Start your Christmas Master List early

Keep Your Christmas Master List a secret

This list is for your eyes only. You will have many secrets on this list. You must name your list something uninteresting, like “vegetable recipes” or “spare vacuum parts”.



I divide my CML into the following categories: Concerts, Parties, Meaningful Activities, Neighbor Gifts, Greeting Cards, Goodies, and Gifts.

Divide your Christmas Master list into categories