Food Allergies on a Budget

Do you have food allergies and need to be able to manage them, however, you are on a tight budget for food? Here’s all about how to deal with food allergies on a budget!

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After a visit with an allergist and several types of testing, I was diagnosed with food allergies, and I began a new lifestyle of eating foods I could still enjoy.

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If you can’t have dairy, don’t walk past the dairy aisle if you can help it.

Stop looking at the things you can’t have.

Skip the “labels”.

Sticking whole fruits, vegetables, and meats is a good rule of thumb. Frozen or fresh can usually fit into any budget as long as you follow some basic rules.



Since many allergies will require that you cook more from scratch because your body can’t tolerate the ingredients in pre-packaged products, ease of preparation will become more important.

Save time and prep.

Make your own.

One of the most fun and best ways to save money on allergy-friendly foods is to make your own versions of store-bought items.