Homemade Gifts for Kids

Now is the time to start on homemade gifts if you plan on making them this year. This list of homemade gifts for kids should give you plenty of inspiration to get started.

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Are you looking for some sweet and simple handmade gifts that you can put together for your little ones (and not so little ones) this year? Me too!

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My little boys would love these little DIY Car Magnets for the fridge because they love pretty much anything magnetic.

Car Magnets

Card Table Fort

Oh, this one is for sure going on my list, my boys love a good fort and this looks like so much fun! And this would stay up so much better than the blankets they usually toss over the table.



I think I will have to commission my hubby to make this Race Track Ramp for the boys. Maybe for their birthdays? What little boy wouldn’t love to play with this over and over again!

Race Track Ramp

Ballerina Bunny

Oh my, isn’t this cute? If you can crochet and have a little girl you should definitely make this sweet little Ballerina Bunny.