How to Clean  a Ceramic Sink

Want to learn how to keep your ceramic sink looking elegant with the right care? Learn how to clean it with many different things you might have on hand and how to preserve its shine.

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Cleaning ceramic sinks can be a straightforward process with the right methods. Some methods might work for you, and some might not, depending on the type  of stains you have.

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Start by sprinkling baking soda all over your sink. Don’t just do the bottom; sprinkle over the entire thing. You’ll be amazed at how dirty it is in  a minute.


Put a little water in your sink, and use a sponge to mix the water and baking soda together. Coat the sink with the paste.


Run the water in the sink and scrub at any tough stains; they should come right off. Scrub the paste and water around the entire sink until it’s clean.