How to Have a No Spend Pantry Challenge

In the last few months, before summer’s bounty, we like to have a little pantry challenge in my house…a challenge to eat up what’s in the pantry!

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We try to eat up the things that might be expiring soon and eat up some canned goods that I plan on making more of during the summer. In other words…it’s spring cleaning on my pantry.

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You will need to start by actually taking a look in your pantry (or wherever you store food) and writing down or taking some kind of inventory of what you have.

Cooking With What You Have.

Get creative with old recipes.

If you can make recipes that you know your family already loves by just adding in similar ingredients or substitutions, that is the easiest way to eat up what you have.



There are some fun websites out there where you can plug in the foods that you have in your house, and they will give you recipe suggestions.

Discover new  recipes.

Don’t give up on fresh foods.

Don’t give up completely on fresh foods, but try to limit them to what you really need.