How to Shop at a Discount Grocery Store

Looking to find a bargain on groceries? After 15 years of shopping at surplus grocery stores and Amish bent and dent stores, I’m sharing my best tips!

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Every time I go on vacation I first look up all the discount grocery stores that will be in the area we are going to so we can visit them!

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Unless you actually know what’s a regular price and a sale price for something before you shop at a discount store.

Know your prices before you shop.

You might end up paying way more than you should, or you might pass up a bargain without even knowing it.


This tube of toothpaste was marked $2.12. Not a good deal!

Again. Know your prices!


Some people are extremely picky when it comes to a dented can or box. First, check to make sure no seals are broken.

Don’t be afraid of a dented box or can.


Don’t stress too much about being able to see everything. Even if you come back in the next day, the selection will have changed!

Try not to get overwhelmed.