Tips for the Best Making and Using of Bean Flour

Bean Flour is a wonderful gluten-free alternative to flour or starch when used in a recipe. It’s healthy, full of fiber, and can easily be made when needed.

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Dried beans are a great source of healthy minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and magnesium, and are high in protein, which makes them a staple in every frugal pantry.

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To make bean flour, all you need to do is run your dried beans through a grain mill attachment.

Tips on Making Bean Flour

Cream Soup Using Bean Flour

Place stock in a saucepan and add in bean flour, mixing with a whisk. Simmer on low until thickened. Makes the equivalent of 2 cans of cream soup.



Just recently I have also discovered using the dried pinto bean, also. These can be also ground into flour and used as instant refried beans.

Dried Pinto Beans

Dried Black Bean Flour

Dried Black Bean flour can be made in the same way as the other flours above, but its uses are a little different. Black Bean Flour is a great one to use in gluten-free baking.