Today I want to talk about small appliances. You might know them as the small kitchen electronics that clutter your counters or pantry. They can be a little bit of a pain, but they are something we often use if not every day.

Slicer Shredder Drum Grater

While you can use a basic cheese grater for grating, I’ve learned over the years that me and the cheese grater do not get along very well. Out of all of the kitchen accidents I’ve had, most of them have involved the cheese grater, and I have literal scars on my fingers from cutting off parts of them with it.

Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

As I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m deferring to my husband’s area of expertise in the field of coffee. Having owned our own coffee shop for several years, I would say he’s an expert in this area. While we used to own both an electric grinder and an espresso machine, we now have both non-electric hand-powered appliances.

Hand Mixer

This is another one on my “to buy soon” list. I currently mix foods by hand or use my Wondermill Artiste Mixer. When that goes out, I may replace it with these beaters or Non-Electric Hand Mixers. There are several to choose from on Amazon, but I will choose the one with the most metal parts.

Butter Churn

This is another one on my “to buy soon” list…a butter churn. We’ve made butter in a variety of different appliances, including the blender, and we’ve also made the “shaken in a jar” kind which my kids had fun with. But for regular butter making, having a butter churn can be a lifesaver.

Kitchen Scale

Because I do gluten-free baking, I always use my kitchen scale! I have a digital scale but recently picked up an old-fashioned scale at a thrift store.


We don’t think about having a timer because we normally use one on our phones or on the oven, but in an off-grid setting, neither of those things would be working!

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