Old Fashioned Tips For Saving Money on Energy

Need some new and different tips on how to save money on energy bills? Here are some “new” tips to try as we travel back in time!

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So today, I hope you will travel back in time with me and get some tips on how old-fashioned ideas can help us save in today’s modern world!

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In our home, I have a variety of oil lamps and lanterns that we can use to light only the space we use when we need it.

Use Lanterns

Manual Kitchen Appliances

Remember those old rotary beaters that your grandma kept in her kitchen drawer? They use no electricity and still get the job done!



Do you think you could live without a washer and dryer? I’m not sure that I could live without a washer, but an alternative to use once in a while or in emergencies is a good thing to think about.

Skip the Washer and Dryer

Respect Family Time and Changes in Seasons

Not only is this a great way to save on electricity, but it’s also a great way to increase family togetherness time! Another thing along these lines is to respect seasons.