Organizing Your Canning Pantry

Are you looking for ways to organize your canning pantry? This Free Canning Inventory Printable will help you keep track of your canned goods.

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I love canning! It’s our way of being able to preserve the produce that we can get for free, grow for free, or buy in bulk. By canning, you can make the most of your money.

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Here’s a picture of one of my previous canning pantries. This pantry was so easy to see what was available since it was tall and shallow (I could only place the jars 2 deep).

Canning Pantry Ideas

Canning Inventory Sheet Printable

The nice thing about this canning inventory printable is that you can use it for future meal planning.



-Place the clean, empty jars into boxes. Put cardboard in between any layers of canning jars in the boxes. -Place all the boxes of jars in a storage area where they will not be disturbed.

Storage Ideas for Empty Jars

Common Questions About Canned Goods Storage

How do you stack canned goods at homes? Canned goods can be stacked two high if you remove the rims and if you place cardboard in between each layer.