Pantry Needs and Stockpiling Enough

Are you stockpiling enough to meet your family’s needs through a crisis? Here’s how to figure out what you need.

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Why Are You Stockpiling?

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I think now that we’ve all dealt with pandemics and shortages, it helps because we have a better understanding what we might need should the occasion arise again.

What to Stockpile

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I’d much rather preserve and stock my pantry with foods that will last a long time and will always have the same great taste and healthy flavor.

My plan of action behind stocking my pantry is to stock it with healthy foods I know we will eat, I know will last long, and that are bases for meals. In other words, staples.

Stockpiling Plan of Action

When It’s Time to Stock Up

Then it’s time to stock up! It’s very possible to stock up using your existing budget. Just be aware and take advantage of good deals, and don’t feel like you need to stock your pantry in one shopping trip or even in one month.

To help you on this journey, I’ve created a simple Pantry Needs Checklist and Chart. With this chart, you can write down how much you need and how much you have stored in your pantry.