All About Tomato Paste

Want to make the most of that can of tomato paste in your pantry? Here’s how to store tomato paste, what to do with it, substitutes for tomato paste and more!

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In this story, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about how to store tomato paste and what to do with it.

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Tomato paste adds concentrated tomato flavor to various dishes. However, after using a small amount of it, the remaining paste needs proper storage to maintain freshness and flavor.

How to Store Tomato Paste

How to Freeze Tomato Paste

If you’re wondering how to freeze tomato paste, storing it in the freezer using ice cube trays is a great way to make sure you always have tomato paste on hand for recipes.



Storing tomato paste in the refrigerator is an easy and convenient way to keep it fresh for longer.

Storing Tomato Paste in the Refrigerator

Canning Tomato Paste

Canning allows you to make the tomato paste shelf-stable, meaning it can be stored for a much longer period of time.