Want to make sure that you are getting your produce clean? Here are some tips on washing produce to make sure it’s safe and healthy for your family.

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No matter which way you buy or get your produce, it still needs a good cleaning since anything from dirt to pesticides can remain on your produce no matter how shiny it is.

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Many people use vinegar to wash clothes, counters, or other surfaces naturally, but good, old-fashioned white vinegar is a great cleanser of fruits and vegetables with edible skins.

How to Clean Cucumbers, Apricots, and Other Thin Skins


To properly clean these healthy treats, utilize any soap and wash the fruit or vegetable for approximately 15 seconds.

How to Wash Citrus, Avocadoes, and Thick-Skinned Produce

How to Wash Spinach and Leafy Greens

To clean these fruits and veggies, rinse well first with running water, using a clean veggie brush to remove loose dirt trapped in crevices of broccoli and similar plants (a toothbrush works well also).



Though studies have shown cleaning with vinegar reduces surface bacteria by 98%, (Source), far more than soap or water, remember that the remaining bacteria begin growing after cleansing. It is important to eat the fruit the same day as you wash it.