Ways to Save on Chicken Feed in 2023

Are you feeling the crunch of the higher chicken feed prices? Today I want to share with you 28 easy ways to save money on chicken feed!

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Over the years, we’ve found many different ways to save money on chicken feed and lately we’ve been doing more things to help bring down chicken feed prices around our homestead. Hopefully some of these tips will help you!

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Free range chickens produce eggs with a higher nutritional value and less cholesterol. Not to mention it’s great for their overall happiness.

Let your chickens be free range.

Feed chickens all your scraps.

Not only are they free range and have the run of our 20 acres on the homeplace side of our land, they also get all kinds of kitchen scraps from the house!



We used to feed our chickens the nice finer grain chicken feed but then switched over to pellets. The chickens didn’t like it at first but they got over it pretty fast.

Try different kinds of feed.

Check for locally milled feed.

If you have a local mill in town you might be able to purchase grains and feeds cheaper than from the chain stores.