Why We Fail at Meal Planning

Despite our best intentions, many of us stumble when it comes to meal planning, often wondering where we go wrong.

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Let’s look at the common pitfalls that derail our dietary ambitions and explore how to turn those meal-planning mishaps into successes.

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As much as I love drooling over Pinterest food pictures, I somehow don’t like to find the time on Sunday to sit down and make  a meal plan.

Frugal meal planning takes time.

Frugal meal planning takes supplies.

Maybe you are one who can come up with a fabulous meal plan and then already have all the stuff to make it work that week. I’m not one of those people.



When I first started frugal meal planning, I loved adding new recipes to my weekly plans.

Making new dishes  is fun, but sometimes we just want the old standbys.

And then when it came to the day to make them, all I was craving was the tried and truly good stuff.  So there went my frugal meal planning…right out the window.