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Stuffed Waffle Recipe


  • Pancake or Waffle Batter we have a homemade pancake recipe we enjoy!
  • Cream Cheese softened
  • Sugar
  • Fruit optional


  1. Mix up your pancake or waffle mix according to the recipe as you normally would. Heat up a waffle iron or waffle maker.
  2. In another bowl, make sure your cream cheese is softened and add in a little bit of sugar. You can use any sugar of your choice or choose to leave it out all together.  You can also add in some fresh fruit or fruit preserves!
  3. When your waffle maker is heated, pour half of the batter you'd normally pour in. (So if it normally takes you a 1/2 cup of batter to make a waffle, you will only pour in 1/4 cup)  Top that with a nice big dollop of cream cheese mixture. Then top that with the remaining scoop of the waffle batter. (The other 1/4 cup)
  4. Cook until the waffle is done. Top with butter, fruit preserves, peanut butter, or maple syrup!