Frugal Cold Storage

Are you looking for a place to store all of your winter produce but your home is not equipped with the perfect root cellar?

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Here’s how to create DIY Cold Storage no matter what type of home you live in!

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This room has no heating vents and is completely blocked from the rest of the house so it stays cooler (or hotter in the summer).

Very Basic Cold Storage

Basement Cold Storage

I actually had that amazing concrete room that was just perfect to create DIY cold storage. We built bins and shelves for single-layer produce storage. It was glorious!



Now my cold storage looks a little different. After almost 15 years of married life we finally decided to take the plunge and build a true root cellar on our homestead.

Root Cellar Cold Storage

Foods to Put in Cold Storage

We can stock up on bulk and cheap in-season and end-of-season produce and store it where we will be able to enjoy it for many months to come.