How to Be Prepared

Are you ready for more difficult times? Do you know how to prepare your home and your family for things that might look different from normal?

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Today, I’m going to share some of my best tips with you on how you can be prepared and not worry about the future.

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What I always think about when I start thinking about preparedness is that it doesn’t hurt anything to be prepared.

How to Prepare for Difficult Times

Sure, we may have a little extra if we buy a little extra, but then we just use it up over time if we don’t need it during a difficult time. No big deal.


Everyone will have their own reasons for prepping; no matter what, it’s good to have an emergency plan in place.

Why Should You Be Prepared


Decide how long you’d like to be prepared for. Are you preparing for the long term?

How to Decide What You Need to Prepare

That will look completely different from someone who wants to be ready for something like a job loss, which may only be a 3-6 month issue.


Preparedness and thinking about difficult times can really play on your emotions no matter what is the reasoning behind your prepping.

Check Your Emotions

I want to remind you that we have no need to live in a spirit of fear or worry about what may or may not come.