How to Find the Cheapest Peanut Butter

Love peanut butter but hate the high prices? Here are some great ideas on how to save on peanut butter!

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Peanut Butter has always been an affordable source of nutrients, fiber, and protein, but it seems lately that the price might be becoming prohibitive.

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There are still plenty of sales out there for peanut butter. Watch for coupons to be available (they are rare so grab them when you can!) to get a great deal.

Use Coupons With Sales

The Dollar Store

While you might not always be able to find it here, it’s worth checking for. You never know!



If prices ever really do increase drastically on peanut butter, it may be more affordable to go with a peanut butter alternative such as Cashew Butter, Sun Butter, or Almond Butter.

Consider a Peanut Butter alternative

Make your own homemade peanut butter

This is a great way to save money on peanut butter, especially if you enjoy natural kinds.