Save Money on Groceries in the Winter

Are you trying to save money while still eating healthy foods in the wintertime? Here are some simple ways to do that!

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I’ll admit that one of my “go-to” sayings is that if you want to eat healthier and save money, you should grow a garden.

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That’s a nice little savings, and I get a healthier product(and, in my opinion, yummier!).

Make Your Own


They might not have something you need or there may not be any good prices. Something that’s a big part of our budget is buying from our co-op and buying in bulk.

Shop for Bulk Foods


Home canning plays a significant role in our food production. I don't need to buy jams, soups, pizza sauce, salsa, BBQ sauce, or fruits from the store.

Make Your Own Canned Goods


Personally, I don’t pay any more for fresh veggies and fruit in the winter than I do in the summer. The key is to buy in season!

Shop Fresh in Season