60 Ideas on How to Save Money in the Summer

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Need to save more money this summer? Here are some simple ideas on how you can save money in the summer.

Need to save more money this summer? Here are some simple ideas on how you can save money in the summer.

How to Save Money in the Summer

If you haven’t already noticed, I like writing about saving money. It’s one of my favorite topics! But when it comes to saving some extra cash and finding the best deal, tips on how to save on heating bills are not going to help you in late august. I’ve already written on how to save money in the fall for tips that will help you in September, October, and beyond, so naturally, I need to also write about how to save money in the peak of the summer as well!

Each season brings its challenges and its rewards. The warmer months are a wonderful time of year because we can have our gardens going and fresh produce (all of the tomatoes!) that we don’t have to go to the store to get. But it can also be challenging because you know…heat, bugs, and all the fun stuff.

But let’s get back to thinking about the fun…and finding all kinds of creative ways to save money on it!

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Money Saving Tips on Summer Fun

Only go to amusement parks, events, festivals, etc. on the days they have deals. If you are hanging out with a group, let everyone bring one item to contribute to food so that way no one has to spend money. – Kerisha

When on summer vacation, when we rent a house through VRBO or Airbnb when we get to our destination, we cook a big breakfast, pack lunches to take with us when we are out and about. Whether it is the beach or just sightseeing, we rarely eat out. We then cookout when we get home,. We save a lot of money that way and feel better because we are eating like we normally do. – Angela

My grandson and I utilize free water parks and beaches for summer fun and to cool off with packed picnic lunches – Jodi

Using a hose and sprinkler to create your own water park experience! – Abbey

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If you don’t have a travel trailer or RV or whatnot, stay in an Airbnb and make as much of your food as you can. It’ll save you money while on a road trip.- Megan

Go to local parks and camp and hike to getaway instead of spending money on airfare. You can still go home once a day to check on livestock but no stress because you’re camping! – Michele

Instead of dining out, we pack a picnic basket and head off somewhere nice and have a picnic. Saved a lot of money for us! – Mary

Go to your local library. – Karen

I am a young adult and when my friends want to go do something in the summer, I try to suggest inexpensive or thrifty options that are still just as fun! Like if they want to go shopping, I suggest garage sales. Bonfires, nature walks, and trips to the beach are all great options too, and if you plan (like packing your own food) it can be done super cheap. – Rachael

Choose the most important events to go and sift out less important ones if you don’t have a steady flow of income. – Kerisha

Turn off your streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc) for the summer when you aren’t using it as much. – Merissa

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Kids in Trees

Tips for Saving Money on Kids

One big money saver is to trade childcare with other moms. – Candice

Get a kiddie pool and spend some time outside and turn the ac down. – Gail

Always be prepared before leaving the house. My children are always starving as soon as we leave! Regardless if we just ate before we left!😂 having homemade snacks ready to go saved me from impulse buys. The same goes for sunblock and bug spray. Making sure I bring it with me and sure as I get the cheapest price rather than having to purchase it at a convenience store. I take advantage of free events!!! My children and I always watch the movies on Main which is hosted by local businesses. We attend Library events and such. We do a lot of free activities outside like trumping around the state park. – Candice B.

Buy your kid’s bubbles and sidewalk chalk for summer fun. Very little expense can go a long way! – Anonymous

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Saving Money on Electricity

Leave the A/C off as long as possible and turn up the fans. – Donna B.

Turn the ac down/off and open up the windows at night. – Abbey

I live in South Georgia, so in the summers it gets VERY hot here. One tip for saving on electricity is to keep curtains/blinds closed from about 2 pm – 4 pm. It keeps the house cooler in the hottest part of the day, and your electric bill won’t be as high. – Audrey

I’ve noticed since we are all home we’re using more dishes and I’m running the dishwasher more. I read somewhere recently you use the quick wash option to save time and energy and your dishes will still come out clean! – Kristine

Hang out laundry, foraging, only cook meat outside to keep house cooler. Optimize window fans etc and update your cooling if you can by adding shade to a hot spot on the patio etc. – Michele

When it’s hot outside, I try using my crockpot as much as possible to help keep the kitchen cooler. – Donna

Use fans and heat/light-blocking curtains instead of the air conditioner. – Mary

Raise the thermostat temperature of your central air a few degrees during the day while at work. – Casey

Hang your laundry out to dry. – Anonymous

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Gardening Money Saving Tips

I use the water from our kiddie pool to water my garden. – Candice

Harvest from the garden every day so more produce grows and make do and mend. – Charlene

Learn as much as you can on how to grow your own food not only for summer but to store for winter. – Rachael

Have shorter showers and stand in a tub to collect the water which can then be used in your garden. – Charlotte

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Zucchini Summer Garden Fry

Tips for Saving Money on Summer Food

I make breakfast sandwiches and then we heat them up throughout the week. – Angela

We make our own popsicle treats and they are healthier too! We either freeze our fruit or green smoothies, juices, or even teas! (For our tea popsicles I add extra honey for sweetness!) – Kristine

If there is a cool spell, I bake several things and get them in the freezer so we can have them on the hot days without having to turn on the oven. – Donna

Rather than artificial sweeteners, which can dehydrate, try honey and lemon. – Jenny

Have a garden! But if that isn’t possible, buy the in-season produce and even extra for freezing, making jam, canning, etc. This saves a lot of money during winter, as well as giving your family foods with more nutrition. – Janet

Make your own popsicles. – Charlotte

Make sun tea for iced tea. The only thing cheaper is water, you are taking advantage of the sun, and its healthier than soda or juicing advantage of the sun and warmth. – Jill

Homemade popsicles from pureed watermelon…very yummy too – Diann

Grow your own produce if you can, even in containers. (Herbs are good for containers too.) It saves you money at the supermarket, and it is very satisfying to eat fresh-picked food. Also, try going to a U-pick farm for things you can’t grow yourself. You can get a bargain on fresh fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price. – Audrey

Have tea made and chilled to reduce the temptation to buy sodas. – Donna B.

Make your own cold-brewed coffee and tea to enjoy in the heat of summer! – Tami

Eat less meat during the summer months. Our bodies don’t need the heavy meats meant for winter/cold, so get protein from eggs, dry beans, even grains during the hot summers. Most of us crave salads and fresh foods in hot weather anyway. If you do have meat, make sure to have extra vegetables and salads with that meal so everyone will eat less meat. – Janet

Banana ice cream! We love ice cream in the summer but not only can it be expensive, but it’s also not the healthiest treat. So I freeze bananas and whenever we crave ice cream I put frozen bananas in the food processor and go until smooth. No sugar needed and lots of variations possible. Our favorite is peanut butter. Fast, cheap, and healthy. – Debra

Freeze your excess strawberries and use them in smoothies. My daughter loves them. Freeze fizzy water as ice drinks. Letting the children have a spending budget for treats than when it’s gone mum can happily answer no to further ‘i want’. – Lorraine

Use the Barbeque a lot & an electric skillet. – Debbie

Using fresh lemons and adding dried lavender is an easy way to make a lemonade both refreshing, yummy, and soothing. – Jenny

If you can’t grow your own produce, shop at your local farmers market. – Casey

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Tank Tops

Save Money on Summer Clothing

Continue to shop at thrift stores for all your summer travel needs! Those places usually have tons of stuff donated each year after the summer is over and they stock it in the summer. Swimsuits, sandals, shorts, outdoor play toys, etc. – Megan

Buy summer clothing after July 4th. (Don’t be tempted in June!) Stores are beginning to stock Autumn clothes, so all summer clothes and supplies are usually half price. – Myra

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Additional Summer Money Saving Tips

Revamp last winters clothing into summer clothing, ie chop off sleeves and remove linings. – Charlene

Use your bikes instead of your vehicle to do those little trips around town ~ bonus is the exercise you get! – Tami

Instead of taking your pets to the parlor, do it yourself, it’s great fun and a fantastic workout for the kids. – Dannielle

The temperature where I live can get to 105 during the summer. I save on vet bills by adding ice to livestock water twice a day. – Myra

Checking you’re bank statements 😲 Crazy… Swiping your card is definitely safer, but a small fee is always charged!! Those small fees all add up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save! – Dannielle

Cheaper brand sun creams work just as well as brand names. – Lorraine

Ride your bike to pick up groceries instead of driving, saves on gas costs and you don’t buy junk food because it takes up space on the ride home. – Sabina

Chicks are expensive and hard to find this year so we are using an inexpensive incubator and have a few eggs under a broody hen. Thinking of doing a second batch to sell. – Brenda

I rented an apartment on the east side of the building so the inside temperature remains cooler. I am between apartments and the hall is cooled, so I plan to cool with a fan as much as possible before resorting to air conditioning. – Amber

When shopping at Fleet Farm if you don’t have a coupon for gas go uptown the garbage outside of the store and find one there right on top many people throw them out when leaving the store.use the coupon for gas purchase for whatever amt depending on gas prices.go in and pick up a free popcorn.on the popcorn. The bag will be a 5 dollar coupon for your fleet farm purchase in the store on any amount. – Anonymous

Install a water mister on your back porch to cool your home instead of using a/c. – Sabina

After season finales cancel cable. The kids will panic but spend more time outside. Soon the cable companies will offer better rates to get you back. – Brenda

Outside exercise instead of a gym membership. We also do a lot of fishing! Which is a fun Leisure activity for my husband and it serves supper. – Candice B.

Skip plastic water bottles; use refillable ones. – Anonymous

My Money Saving Tips for Summer

Whew! That’s a lot of ways to save your hard-earned money this summer! Hopefully, you were able to get inspired and find some things (even small changes!) that you can do this summer to save more money than you usually do.

What are some ways you save money in the summer?

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  1. amazing how many of these things I have learned to do since my childhood. Make your own bubbles for the kids, popsicles, smoothies from leftover fruit that was frozen, nature walks, picnics while on a trip. I also use the water from the kids pool for watering plants, hang clothes to dry. spend a lot of time outside and enjoy your surroundings especially if you live in a quieter area as I do. Love the birds and different sounds day and night.

  2. Go solar! A solar oven or solar cooker does a great job of cooking your food while keeping your kitchen cool while saving on gas and/or electricity. If you don’t want to invest in purchasing one check out the the plethora of DIY options online. Making your own is a great project with kids.

    We use ours all year long. All that’s needed is an hour or two of ☀️ sunshine.

  3. When traveling, check out the city’s chamber of commerce for free summer concerts or events then pack a picnic, enjoy the outdoors and talk to the locals who might give you more tips to explore their city.

  4. My family loves baked potatoes but it’s too hot to bake them in the oven in summer. Try grilling instead. We poke holes, wrap them in foil and grill around the outer edges on indirect heat til tender, turning every 15 or 20 min. They taste so good.

  5. In summer when it get really hot I grab a tea towel and wet with cold water and wrap it around my neck. I always do this as well when I have to mow the lawn I put it on my head under my hat.

    In winter I don’t have a heater. Instead I have extra blankets and jumpers to use especially watching TV.

  6. So many great veggies to grow over summer. And they can be watered by bucket collection in the shower. Laundry water can be used for more general beds of flowers and other ornamentals. I used laundry powder that doesn’t impact the earth. Sun ovens can be DIYed, as suggested by another commentator. Libraries are good for entertainment and are often air-conditioned.