Step by Step How to Make Kombucha

Making homemade kombucha does take quite a few steps, but once you get used to the process, it’s quite easy and will just be another thing that you add to your regular routine.

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You can make just about any flavor that you want, and it’s fun to experiment with different kinds to see what you like.

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Getting started! Using 2 clean gallon glass jars, pour half of the brewed black tea in each jar. I do this all in the sink because I like to make a big sticky mess.

Now take the already fermented gallon jar of kombucha and carefully take 2-3 cups of the liquid and put it into each of the new gallon jars (the ones with just the tea).



Once you’ve done this, add water to your new gallon jars. Just be sure and leave room for the SCOBY on the top.


Now you’ll need to take the SCOBY from the top of the old gallon jar and add it to the new gallon. Make sure your hands are CLEAN before you do this!