Use Them All Up:  10 Hard Boiled Egg Recipes To Make

Do you need some ideas on how  to use all of those hard-boiled eggs you made? Here are 10 simple hard-boiled egg recipes that your family will love!

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Easter is just about here, which means that you probably will probably have plenty of (beautiful!) hard-boiled eggs that you need to use up.

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These little treats are so easy to put together and can be made up quickly when you already have the eggs hard-boiled.

Deviled Eggs


You can make it as a side dish or  it also makes a great egg salad sandwiches filling.

Egg Salad


Pickled Eggs can be a great way  to use up a larger amount of hard-boiled eggs, and even though they are stored in the fridge, you won’t have to eat them all right away.

Pickled Eggs


One more delicious little meal idea: make a hard-boiled egg quesadilla! Place some peeled, chopped, hard-boiled eggs on a flour tortilla with  a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Hard Boiled Egg Quesadilla