Hot Sauce Recipe

by Andrea on October 20, 2014

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Hot Sauce Recipe - Little House Living

Hot Sauce Recipe

Since I grew up in New Mexico, I didn't learn what hot sauce was until my early twenties.

That may seem a bit bizarre, but let me explain.  Where I live, the terms hot sauce and salsa are used interchangeably.   We put "hot sauce" on everything, and by hot sauce, I mean blended tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and seasoning... or what everyone else thinks of when they hear salsa.  

When I was a waitress in college, a customer asked for hot sauce and I showed up with a bowl of salsa.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Another, brighter waitress than I, explained to me that hot sauce is a vinegar-based pepper sauce, like tabasco or cholula.

I have learned to love and appreciate hot sauce since then and have learned to make it from scratch, without too much effort or time.  Below is a quick and easy hot sauce recipe, which is not to be confused with a quick and easy salsa recipe.

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