Resources for Simple Living


Are you looking for some good resources to buy products from for living a simple life? I’ve tried all kinds of companies and brands over the past years, and these are the brands and products that I love the most! Supporting small businesses has always been very important to our family.

Looking for a high-quality product that I don’t have listed here? Let me know!

Bulk Foods


My bulk food co-op for the past decade has been Azure Standard. For more details on the company and what I order from them, check out this blog post: A Beginner’s Guide to Azure.

Farmhouse Teas

Looking for bulk and loose-leaf teas? I get mine from Farmhouse Teas! They have a good selection of natural teas to choose from.

Thrive Market

I don’t get a lot from Thrive Market but they are a good way to get certain allergy-friendly items that I can’t find anywhere else. You can read my full review on Thrive Market here.

vitacost order

I buy a LOT from Vitacost! They always have wonderful sales and coupon codes that you can stack on top of each other for some amazing deals. They are one of my go-to places for shelf-stable foods. I also buy Frontier Brand spices and herbs through them because they always have the best price.

Auguson Farms Onions

I get all of my freeze-dried foods from Auguson Farms. They always have the best prices for emergency storage food! Here’s a post that I keep updated with the best prices.

DIY Products and Supplies


Beeswax Pastilles

Shea Butter (Ivory)

Shea Butter (Yellow)

Aloe Vera Gel


For all DIY bottles and containers and all bulk herbs and medicinal herbs, I use Starwest Botanicals. They also carry other products I use such as witch hazel and bulk loose leaf teas.

Made On

Sometimes you just don’t want or don’t have time to make your own beauty/body products…right? When I can’t make my own, I buy Lotion Bars and Lip Balms from Made On. They use the same ingredients that I would use in my own homemade lotions.

Rocky Mountain Oils

One of the biggest questions I get is where I buy my essential oils. After several years of research into the various companies, I’ve decided to support Rocky Mountain Oils. They are a non-MLM brand so their prices are reasonable for a high-quality product.

Gardening Supplies

Garden Seeds

My favorite seed companies are:

High Mowing Seeds
Pinetree Seeds
Baker Creek Seeds

Seedling Shelves

I get all of my seed trays and seed starting supplies from Bootstrap Farmer. I really love the heavy-duty trays. I’ve used them for years and they still should last for many more years to come.

Pea Microgreens

I also like to get things from True Leaf Market. They have a good selection of seeds, and they have lots of growing supplies as well, including all the supplies for growing microgreens.

Household Supplies

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter Systems are one of the best things we ever added to our homestead! No matter where we’ve lived we’ve always had clean, clear drinking water. Read my full review here – Berkey Water Filter Systems Review.
Note: Berkey is not currently able to sell filters. Please watch for my upcoming review of Aquapure and Bourox.

Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain is my go-to resource when I’m looking to buy specialized kitchen equipment. My current mixer (Nutrimill) and my previous mixer (Bosch) were both purchased through them. They have fast shipping and are a small family-owned business out of Nebraska.


Lehmans will always be a favorite of mine to shop at in person and online! They carry the largest selection of off-grid and homesteading supplies that I’ve seen anywhere.


My cleaning cloths and scrubbies always come from eCloth. They are much less expensive than other cleaning cloth companies and their products still work wonderfully! The Scrubbing Pads are our household favorite.


I love stainless steel items because they won’t rust and most of what I have in my kitchen is made by Lindys. I’ve never been unhappy with any of my purchases!


Rada Cutlery has my favorite knives and they’ve been our favorites ever since I bought my first one in an Amish store many years ago. These things last forever and they are so inexpensive!

Other Resources


I buy lots of books. That statement is probably an understatement! The majority of my books that I purchase come from Thriftbooks. Their prices are always fair and I can almost always find what I’m looking for.

Little House Living Books

My books are always available here:

Little House Living

Living Slower

You can also find all of my ebooks (there are a lot of them!) at my store, Homestead Made.

I use Wallaby Brand Mylar bags for all of my long term food storage. These are the thickest and nicest bags I’ve ever seen and they are very reasonably priced. You can get a discount on their products when you use the coupon code LHLIVING.

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