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Looking for someone that can come along with you on your blogging journey to provide help and encouragement or systems management?

Merissa provides private consulting work to help you build and grow your blog or business. Check out all of the services I offer below and make sure to email any questions to [email protected]

Please note that blog coaching and consulting intake has a limited amount of spots per month and begins at the start of each new calendar month.

Consulting Services Available

  • Keyword Research
  • Editorial Calendars
  • SEO or Post Updating
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Custom Photography
  • Affiliate Work
  • Blog Management
  • Contributor or Affiliate Management
  • Newsletter Development
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Blog Coaching *see below*

For our small business services, please see our website Dakota Food Photography and Consulting.

Blog Coaching


  • Goal Discussion (direction, monetization, etc)
  • Follow Up Goal Discussion
  • Feedback on Your Website Now
  • Creation of an Action Plan
  • Suggestions on How to Grow Your Social Media Pages
  • Tips on Planning, Scheduling, and Staying Organized
  • Coaching on Family Work/Life Balance
  • Back and Forth Email Support for 4 Weeks
  • At least 2 Monthly calls if desired.

Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing on all services.

What I Offer –
I have almost 9 years of experience within the blogging sphere, working on Little House Living, several other blogs I’ve owned, and working with other bloggers to build and grow their websites. I’ve been able to successfully grow my own business from the point where both my husband and I now work solely from home. I’m constantly seeking out new education in all areas so that I can provide the best service possible to all of our clients. I’m not someone that just wants to do the work for you, I have an honest drive to help you organically build your business/blog and make it the best that it possibly can be. I only use strategies I’ve actually tested on my own blog and have been successful with. The biggest difference between me and other “expert bloggers” is that I don’t make money off others that are looking to make money, I’m not blogging about blogging. Consulting is my side job, blogging on my lifestyle website is my fulltime job. I’m not here to sell you my courses or any specialized products to tell you how to make money. I’m here to encourage you on your journey and provide practical advice from someone who actually makes a living from blogging.

What I Can Help You With –
If you are a blogger, I can help you discover your passion for blogging and learn how to grow and build a loyal following. I can show you various ways to bring in an income from your blog and teach you how to schedule everything so that it doesn’t interfere with your precious family time. If you are a small business, I can help you gain traction and a loyal following all while making your presence known in various online outlets.

What I Can’t Do –
If there was a magic potion for blogging, everyone would be able to follow it! Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist. With blogging support, I can’t promise you that you will earn a set income per month or be able to get a certain amount of followers or pageviews by a certain day. I can offer you advice to help get you where you want to be but the rest is up to you!

How My Coaching Program is Different –
There are a million blog coaching programs available online these days, what makes this one different? I may not have all the flash and pizzazz that some bloggers offer, but I can offer solid coaching based on my own successful business and strategies. I will never take on too many clients at one time so you can rest assured that I’m fully vested directly in your blog and business. Not only do I have blogging experience but my husband and I have been self-employed for many years so I can offer a unique coaching position on work/life balance and share tips on how to juggle a family and a business.

Who Is The Coaching Program For? – 
Are you a newly established blogger or a blogger that seems plateaued plateau in your online business? Are you looking for a boost of inspiration on your blogging journey? Are you struggling to figure out how your blogging business fits into your family life? This coaching program is for you! If you consider yourself an expert blogger, this might not be for you.

If you haven’t already begun your blog, you may be interested in reading my helpful step-by-step post on Working From Home: How to Start a Blog.

Merissa and her husband at Little House Living have been total rock stars! I’ve hired Consultants that have claimed to be experts in the past only to be disappointed. Merissa is self-driven, reliant, and extremely knowledgeable about social media, blogging, and creative writing. I am not sure what I would do without her! – Ashley Sears Quirky Inspired

I just want to say thanks to Merissa for the great articles I have purchased from her. She really does a phenomenal job! If you are thinking about purchasing any of her work, don’t hesitate! You will love it! – Amanda, A Few Short Cuts 

I have to brag a little bit on Merissa. Since I’ve had her help with SEO, my search engine traffic has quadrupled. I hired her to do some keyword research, and she gave me a bunch of ideas for new articles that will boost my SEO on other posts. If you girls are wanting to increase your views and learn more about SEO, I really recommend messaging her  She is a wealth of knowledge! She also does initial consultations and has some great tips on advertising, layout, schematics, etc. I am excited to see my page continue to grow, thanks to her tips! – Andrea, Homemade for Elle

Ready to Get Started? Email me at [email protected]

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