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Homestead living is unlike any other kind of lifestyle. Whether you are a beginning or a well seasoned homesteader you can always find more tips on how to live the simple life better! Here at Little House Living we are a homesteading blog, that means we believe in simple, frugal, and natural living! These are tips that we use to save money on our homestead, make life easier, or just figure out what’s going on!

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Raising Backyard Chickens

Chicken Feed Prices
Setting Hens
Backyard Chicken Breeds
Chickens Egg Production
Cleaning Chicken Eggs
How to Increase Egg Production
Clabber Definition
How to Build a Chicken Coop
How to Build a Chicken Coop
Raising Baby Chickens – A Beginner’s Guide
DIY Chicken Feeder
How to Keep Your Chickens Full & Healthy

Self Sufficiency Goals for 2014

Saving Money on the Homestead

A Homesteaders Holiday Budget
A Homesteaders Health and Beauty Budget
Why Certain Purchases Are Worth It 
Buying a Tractor
Homesteading Supplies

Steps Towards Simpler Living

Simple Living

Living a More Simple Life
Simple Christmas Family Gift Exchange Ideas
Managing Stress in a Simple Life
Christmas on the Homestead
Is it Possible to Live Simple in Today’s World?
How Walks in the Country Can Do the Body (and Soul) Good
Organizing My Craft Room on a Budget
14 Steps Towards Living a Simpler Lifestyle
How Homesteading Can Benefit a Special Needs Family
A Day in the Life of a Modern Homesteader
Our Daily Routine – Winter
How to Start Homesteading Wherever You Are
5 Ways to Begin Switching to Solar Today
Talking to Friends and Family About Gifts (Reducing Gift Clutter)
Frugality vs Minimalism

Slow Living Year Series

Living Simpler in January
Living Simpler in February
What to Buy, Grow, and Eat in August
What to Buy, Grow, and Eat in September
What to Buy, Grow, and Eat in October

Homestead Household Tips

Dealing Without Electricity
8 Ways Anyone Can Prepare for a Power Outage
Winter Preparedness
Advantages and Disadvantages to Having Land
How to Stock Up
5 Reasons to Not Live Simply
What Does Simple Living Mean?
Alternative Lighting and Heating Sources
The Homemaker’s Creed
Simple Button Lamp
How We Keep it Together (and Free Weekly Planner Templates)
How to Survive Temporarily Without Running Water
Finding and Buying a Homestead
Finding and Buying a Homestead (Q & A)
Cooking with What You Have: Challenging Yourself to Eat Down the Pantry

Charlie the Donkey

Other Homestead Animals

Be Your Own Vet
Homemade Fly Spray
Homemade Equine Treats
Growing and Feeding Fodder
DIY Animal Mineral Feeder
Why You Should Raise Goats


Prepare for a Tornado
Winter Weather Preparedness Tips
Prepping on a Budget
Survival Prepping
Prepping Supplies
Disaster Preparedness for Children
Best Weather Radios
Winter Preparedness
Food to Stockpile
Winter Emergency Survival Kit
How to Be Prepared for Difficult Times

Self Sufficient Living

Learning Basic Skills
Stockpiling Items for Basic Skills
Old Fashioned Ways to Predict the Weather
Ways Anyone Can Be More Self Sufficient
Preparing for Alternative Sustainable Energy
Self Sufficiency Goals 2014
Self Sufficiency Goals 2015
Self Sufficient Living
A Quick Start Guide to Foraging

Kitchen Renovation

Farmhouse Renovation

Moving on with Life – Homestead Living
Our Journey to Homestead Living – Getting Started
Renovating the Farmhouse Bathroom – Before Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Bathroom – After Pictures
Discovering History
Discovering History Part 2
Renovating the Farmhouse Landing – Before Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Landing – After Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Kitchen – Before Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Kitchen – After Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Dining Room – Before Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Dining Room – After Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Bedroom – Before Pictures
Renovating the Farmhouse Bedroom – After Pictures

Making the Most With What We Have Series

Missy Rakes’ Family Story
Megan Schlueter’s Family Story
Patty’s Family Story
Lisa’s Family Story
Sarah’s Family Story
Joanie’s Family Story
The Garza Family Story
Alissa’s Family Story
Billie’s Family Story
God’s Wilderness Homestead
The Carew Family

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