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Are you new to Little House Living? Welcome! We know we have quite a bit of info here and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed so that’s where this page comes in. Here you will find all kinds of ways to get started with cooking from scratch, homesteading, preparedness, simple living, and much more!


Do You Want to Start Cooking from Scratch?

Start by Learning to Meal Plan

Learn How to Buy in Bulk

Start Canning and Preserving

Get Simple Kitchen Tips

Get our FULL List of recipes here! – Little House Living Recipes Index

Are You Ready to Start Living Simply?

Find Simple Tips 

Learn to Get Organized

Plant a Garden and Grow Your Own Food


Want or Need to Live Frugally?

Read About Our Fulltime RV Living Journey

Find Over 75 Articles on Saving Money

Get More Use From Everyday Household Items


Are you Ready to Start Homesteading or Prepping?

Discover Why Stockpiling is a Must

Learn all About Self Sufficient Living

Make Gardening Easy 


Do You Want to Make Everything Homemade?

Find Dozens of Crafts and Homemade Gift Ideas 

Check Out Our Huge Database of DIY Natural Household and Body Projects

Still overwhelmed? Contact me if you are looking for an article on something specific, I’m happy to help!

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