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Recipes From Scratch

Looking for some delicious recipes from scratch? We have hundreds here on Little House Living! Click the category below to find the recipes from scratch that you are looking for! Don’t see the recipe you are looking for? Contact Me and request it!


Appetizers and Snack RecipesFrom Scratch

All of my appetizers and snack recipes use simple ingredients, no overly-processed foods here! You are sure to find something your family will enjoy.


Beverage Recipes From Scratch

Looking for a great smoothie recipe or a warm winter drink like hot chocolate? Each of these from scratch beverage recipes only have a handful of ingredients!


Bread Recipes From Scratch

Every good home needs some wonderful bread recipes that you can rely on. I have recipes for many different quick breads, buns, biscuits, basic white bread, and so much more!


Breakfast Recipes From Scratch

The breakfast recipe section on my blog is one of my favorite sections! There are so many yummy breakfasts to choose from, everything from muffins to savory dishes. Many of the recipes here can be put in the freezer or made ahead for an easier morning.


Canning and Preserving Recipes

Find tested and true canning and preserving recipes here on Little House Living that will help you make the most of your garden bounty. Whether you picked a bushel of tomatoes today or if you were given 25 pounds of oranges, you will find canning and preserving recipes here to keep you busy year-round. I’ve also included recipes for the dehydrator and some tutorials on freezing fruits and vegetables in this section.


Homemade Dairy Recipes

Want to make your own homemade dairy products like ricotta cheese, buttermilk, and mozzarella cheese? It’s easier than you think! Find plenty of tutorials here that will make the most of any dairy you have.


Desserts and Treat Recipes From Scratch

I will admit, this is the largest of all of my recipe collections here on Little House Living! On this page, you will find cakes, cookies, special treats, homemade candy, and much more. Perfect recipes for any holiday or special occasion or even just for a Monday afternoon.


Herb Recipes

Are you growing herbs this year in your garden and you need to find some recipes to use them in? Here are some of my recipes that use a large number of herbs like teas and other fun things.


Egg Free Recipes

We went through a time when my children and myself could not any eggs so this egg free recipe section was born. Here you will find plenty of yummy recipes that you would never know are eggless!


Gluten Free Recipes From Scratch

We are a mostly gluten free family and so this gluten free recipes section has expanded quite a bit in the past couple of years. If you are looking for a yummy recipe that also just happens to be gluten free, you will find it here!


Main Dish Recipes From Scratch

In my main dishes, you won’t find any cream of soup or other pre-canned and boxed products. These tasty and family-friendly recipes are made from scratch and from simple ingredients that are affordable.


Make Ahead Recipes

If you are a busy family and you need to have some recipes on hand that you can make in advance or put in the freezer to be ready for the busier days, you need to check out this section of the blog!


Make Your Own Recipes

This is my personal favorite section in my recipes, the Make Your Own Recipes! Here you will find recipes for yummy things like homemade “hamburger helper” and “Dorthy lynch” salad dressing. Things you’d normally have to buy in the store but that you can easily make at home with healthy ingredients!


Mix Recipes

Another favorite section! All of the recipes on this page are for homemade mixes. Get the convenience of store-bought mixes without the store price or ingredients!



Quick Fix Recipes From Scratch

This recipe section contains some of my fastest-to-make recipes if you are looking for something that you can make from scratch but that needs to be made in 30 minutes or less.


Quick Zucchini Recipes

And finally…I had so many recipes that contain zucchini, the queen of the garden vegetables, that I had to give them their own page! If you have an abundance of zucchini from your garden, you need to check out these yummy recipes.


More recipes from scratch coming soon!

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