Simple Living – How to Live a Simpler Life

Simple Living is all about having the best life you can no matter where you live or your situation. In our married life so far we’ve made the most of living in a rental, in an apartment, in a camper, and finally in a place of our own. Little House Living is all about being organized, happy, and settled in your own homestead, no matter if it’s rural or urban! Check out all these links to learn more about what the simple life really is about.



Looking for ideas on how to create a simple garden to provide self-sufficiency for your family? Click the link above for all my tips!

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Living Like Little House

Are you enchanted by the Little House on the Prairie books and want to glean tips from Laura Ingalls Wilder? I did just that in the series that you can find linked to above.

Budget Meal Planning

Budget Meal Planning

Trying to plan out meals for your family more efficiently? Check out all of my articles about meal planning!

Home Organization Ideas

Home Organization Ideas

Need to get organized? Find plenty of organization inspiration for everything from your clothing to your pantry!


Helpful Kitchen Tips

Need some tips for making the most of your kitchen? Click on any of the articles in the list below for help!

How Long is it Good For?
Unsticking Glasses
How to Test a Bad Egg
Washing Fruits and Veggies
Easy Table Shiner
5 Kitchen Things I Can’t Live Without
Ways to Make Your Produce Last Longer
How to Re-Grow Store Bought Veggies
How to Cut Up a Butternut Squash
One Minute Microwave Deodorizer
How to Keep Your Food Storage Protected from Pests
Drying and Preserving Flowers
How to Render Tallow
Creating a Moth Trap
How to Store Homemade Juice
How to Store Homemade Banana Bread
How Long Does Homemade Dressing Last?
How to Clean a Ceramic Sink

Simple Living

Looking for general tips on simple living? Here’s all of the articles that I’ve published specifically on that topic.

Why I Kicked Facebook to the Curb
Keeping Christmas Simple (Part1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
The Homemaker’s Creed
Talking to Friends and Family About Gifts
Ways to Enjoy a Simpler Lifestyle
Ways to Keep Your Mind Busy Through the Rest of a Long Winter
5 Ways to Begin Switching to Solar Today
Simple Living With Baby
Why You Don’t Have to Downsize to Live Simply
Building a Minimalist Wardrobe

Make Your Life Simpler

Need more tips on how to make your life simpler? Find them here!

Guest Room Welcome Basket
Hanger Scarf Organizer
5 Simple Dinners for Busy Summer Nights
What It’s Really Like to Get Rid of 75% of Your Things

Simple Lifestyles

Live a simpler lifestyle with these ideas.

How to Actually Enjoy the Holidays


For our family, homeschooling is part of a simpler life! Here are some tips on how we do it.

How to Keep Little Ones Occupied During School
30 Days of Shapes
30 Days of Colors
Unit Studies for Under $5


If you are ready to fully jump into living a simpler lifestyle, check out my new eWorkbook, 31 Days to Simpler Living! In it, you will find 79 pages of daily challenges, info and advice, and printable worksheets and checklists to keep you on track along your journey.

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