Ministries Supported by Little House Living

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Ministries and Organizations Supported by Little House Living LLC

We use this website’s income (from ads and affiliates) to not only keep the site running and free of charge, but also to support various ministries. Here are some of the current ministries and organizations we are supporting.

DR Kids

One Child

We currently support Yordan through One Child, who we were able to meet in 2019. We hope to be able to expand in this giving in the future and support other children in the Dominican Republic. (One Child works with children all over the world but we feel particularly called to the Dominican.)

See my husband’s pictures from the DR here.

Food Pantries

We currently support the local Hot Springs Food Pantry.

Other Ministries

We will update this page as things change. We also currently use all blog income to support our family in our new service ministry around the US.

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