This is Little House Living and we believe that everyone can live the simpler lifestyle they are dreaming of....

What We Are About:

Natural lifestyles, do-it-yourself, simple living ideas, gardening, organizing, recipes, homeschooling, and much more. Our articles are for everyone from beginning DIY'ers to the experienced homesteader.

Why Promote Your Brand on Little House Living?

The readers of Little House Living are very loyal to the authors and trust the relationship we’ve built with them. They understand that we always give our honest opinion on products and they know they when we stand by a product or promote it that we believe in that product. We’ve worked very hard to grow this trust with our readers over the last several years.

We’re Growing!

Currently we average around 800,000 views per month.

Social Media:

We promote all our articles and post on various social media sites. Here’s our current numbers: Facebook – 274,000 fans, Twitter – 26,500 followers, Pinterest - 53,000 followers, Instagram - 3,300 followers. We also encourage our readers to further promote articles they enjoy by using Reddit, Stumble Upon, Google Plus, and more.

Who We’ve Worked With:

We know that networking is a crucial part of blogging and growing your brand. We work on a daily basis with dozens of other bloggers and on a monthly basis with hundreds of other bloggers. We’ve been able to promote Little House Living through larger media outlets such as the local newspaper (The Rapid City Journal) and television stations (Black Hills Fox, KOTA News, KNBN NewsCenter 1). We also work with online news sites to help them with tips for stories and we guest post regularly on larger blogs. Some brands that we’ve worked with include:, Nike, LPC Survival,  Dropps, Carapelli, Tropical Traditions, King Arthur Flour, Wondermill, Rubbermaid, Follow Your Heart, Berkey, and many more.

How Can We Promote You?

We believe that a "one-size-fits-all" advertising isn't the best way to promote a brand. We have many opportunities available from features in our Christmas gift guide to recipe development. Contact us to create an individualized advertising plan that will best fit your business and brand.

Contact me using the form below or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss how we can work together! I can send you a copy of our media kit or we can just chat about what kind of advertising budget you have and how we can best work with you and your brand.

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