The Gardening and Preserving Journal


Have you ever wished that you could remember just which squash seed you planted last year that gave you such a wonderful crop? Where had you ordered it from? How much were you able to harvest?

Have you gotten to canning season and forgotten which recipe you really wanted to try this year?

Perhaps you just can’t recall how you laid out your garden last year and you want to make sure that you rotate crops but are finding it hard to make a plan since you just can’t remember where you had those tomatoes at….

The gardening and preserving season is long and goes by quickly when you put so much hard work into it. You want to be more organized and a better gardener, but it’s hard to remember the details.


Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.

And through the years I’ve tried keeping a random notebook or papers that have my notes on the garden or my list of seeds or things like that. But in the shuffle of life, I lose them, or toss them, or when I’m busy…never start any kind of notebook at all.



Because life.

Because I’m a mom to two very busy little boys.

Because unfortunately, I live with a chronic condition that causes brain fog.

So in an effort to solve our own problem, over the last year The Gardening and Preserving Journal was born. It’s a mixture of my knowledge of gardening and all types of preserving and my husband’s beautiful design work. I’m now looking forward to a new gardening season with my journal and I know you are going to want one too.

Some of the features of the journal include:

  • Before harvest pages to keep track of what you have left and possibly preserved too much of.
  • Recipe pages, to keep track of all of the delicious things you want to make and preserve.
  • Gardening info and layout pages, to draw out your garden plan, decide what you will use on your garden, and to keep track of anything new you are trying.
  • Seed information pages, to note where you get seeds from, what kind they are, how much they cost, if they did well, and more.
  • Plenty of space for notes, so you can store seed packets, doodle, or make other notes of things to remember for later.
  • After harvest inventory pages, to keep track of what you can, dry, freeze, and put in cold storage.
  • Plus so much more!


Throughout the journal, you will be inspired to keep track of all of your gardening and preserving endeavors for the year. You will be able to easy reference the pages in future years so that your garden and subsequent harvest will just keep getting better and better.


The goal of this journal is to help you stay organized throughout the crazy busyness of the gardening and harvest season. It will make keeping an inventory easy on you (and fun!) so that you will have a better idea of what you need to grow and how much you need to preserve in future years. It will be a wonderful reference that you can keep on your bookshelf to be able to easily find and look back on each and every year.

Are you ready? Come make gardening and preserving fun again!


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