Little House Living: The Make Your Own Guide to a Simple, Frugal, and Self Sufficient Life


Can I ask you a question? Would you like to have me come to your kitchen? Could I come and bake bread with you? Can we mix up some homemade lotion together? Can I encourage you while you work towards making the most with what you have?

While I would love to come to each and every one of your homes, sit down with you and share a sweet cup of homemade Hot Chocolate, I think my family might miss me (and my cooking!) if I decided to visit each and every one of my wonderful readers.


So how about the next best thing? On October 20th, 2015 I released my first print book, Little House Living: The Make-Your-Own Guide to a Simple, Frugal, and Self Sufficient Life. In the book you will find a few of your favorite recipes and DIY projects from the Little House Living website and dozens upon dozens of brand new recipes and projects that I can’t wait to share with you. Plus you will also get a healthy dose of fresh from the farm stories and anecdotes and encouragement from my little homestead to yours.


I’ve put together over 130 awesome recipes and over 300 pages that will help you in every aspect of your life, from a delicious All Purpose Muffin Mix to a wonderful Eczema Cream recipe, and everything in between. I can hardly wait to share this book with you, I just know you are going to love it and I fully give you permission to let it be one of those books (you know the ones) that are stained, spotted, and well used (and well loved!) in your kitchen.


Here’s a peek inside of the book to get you excited!





What People Are Saying….

“With her own experiences as guide, [Merissa] Alink demonstrates that some aspects of rural living translate to any situation…Alink brings a bit of [Laura Ingalls] Wilder’s life into the present. This title will find a comfortable home in most library collections. Especially warranted where Wendy McClure’s The Wilder Life has found popularity.” (Library Journal)

“Author and popular blogger Merissa A. Alink shows us how easy it is…A fabulous array of simple, wholesome and delicious recipes, both savory and sweet, rounds out this heartwarming guide to modern homesteading. Some household tips are timeless indeed.” (Bookpage Top Pick)

“I have to be honest my plan was to look at the book, maybe take one or two recipes and hand it over to one of my friends who actually cooks. I expected it to be very complicated and more than a single girl without children needed. No way am I letting it out of my sight now. First of all the book is beautiful- I want to eat everything in it. I swear you can smell the pictures. And the bulk of the recipes are SO easy with few ingredients. It turns out the word “simple” in the title isn’t a trick.” – Laura, A Frugal Chick

“Little House Living is jam-packed with everything you need to live the simple life you’ve always dreamed of. Merissa sets you up with a great, simple list of essentials to keep your pantry stocked, which makes it so much easier! Filled from cover to cover with practical recipes and helpful tips, this book has become my new go-to for all things simple and homemade.” – Sarah, Nature’s Nurture

“There are make ahead mixes and delicious recipes, even some meal planning ideas but don’t get confused, this is SO much more than a cookbook. The book includes recipes for household cleaners, beauty products, products for your children and pets, and more. Most of which can be made with 4 ingredients or less and come together pretty quickly.” – Paula, All Things Moms

“Beautifully bound with colorful images and inspiring thoughts for becoming self-sufficient this book has something for everyone. Each time I pick it up I am inspired to try new things. Alink’s recipes and suggestions are easy to follow with readily available ingredients.” – Kimberly, A Caffeinated Book Reviewer

“There are so many recipes in this book that help one become more self-sufficient, and less dependent on commercially-prepared products. When you transition to making your own products, you reduce the toxins you bring into your home, save money, and provide a healthier environment for your family”. – Andrea, Homemade for Elle

Here is a list of some of the other places that the book is available. Make sure to also check your local bookstore and if they don’t have it yet you can request that they get it for you!







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