Little House Living’s 2017 Gift Guide

Christmas is almost here!

Can it be Christmas already? Well, not quite, but it’s coming and before we know it, it will be here! For those of us that like to be prepared, now is the time to start searching for that perfect gift.

Do you want to give gifts that are useful or that will last a lifetime? Maybe something that supports a small business or is part of a natural lifestyle? Whatever you are looking for, we hope you might find it here on the Little House living Christmas Gift Guide.


I love a thoughtful homemade gift just as much as you do and they will always be a special part of our Christmas, but we also use the gift-giving season to purchase things that we need and that will help us along in our simple living lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that inspiration for the perfect gift. Short of the person telling you exactly what they want, it’s just hard to know! We hope that this gift guide will be filled with things that you know your friends and family will love so you will be able to find something perfect for them.


So without further ado….introducing the 2017 Gift Guide!

*Please note, the following companies have sent these products to us free of charge to be added to this guide. The products were subsequently donated to our local Angel Tree. Thank you to all of these companies for helping to make some families in our community very happy this Christmas!

Gifts for Anyone


The Product & Company: Farberware Stainless Steel Set from Farberware

About the Products & Company: 

As a long time favorite, Farberware is one of those timeless companies. Now, they are bringing another timeless kitchen addition- their Stainless Steel Cooking Set. This five-piece set includes everything you need for your next meal!

Visit Farberware website HERE


The Product: Carrington Farms Coconut Oil

About the Product: Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil from Carrington Farms is PERFECT for cooking!



Visit the Carrington Farms website HERE



The Product: Gaea Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

About the Product: Coming from southwest Peloponnese, this olive oil is a par above any oils you may have tasted before.


Visit the Gaea US website HERE


The Product: Peach Skin Sheets

About the Product: With a 1500 Thread Count Luxurious Feel, these sheets are so incredibly soft they will blow your mind! I love how they also help regulate temperature and moisture while you are sleeping comfortably!


Visit the Peach Skin Sheets HERE


The Product: ThriftStyle: The Ultimate Bargain Shoppers Guide to Smart Fashion

About the Product: Ready to rock those consignment stores? This book is for you! Don’t throw out those secondhand clothes…fix them instead!


Get the Thrift Style HERE


The Product: Taste of Home Most Requested Recipes: 633 Top-Rated Recipes Our Readers Love!

About the Product: Do you love Taste of Home recipes? So does everyone else! Here is the compliation of their most requested recipes…you don’t want to miss this one!


Get it HERE


The Product: Straight From The Root

About the Product: Ready to get your vegetables at home? This is the simple and easy way to get your veggies! With fresh, pre-cooked and organic produce, Straight From The Root is here to make sure you get the veggies you need!


Get Straight From The Root HERE

The Product & Company: World Vision Gift Catalog

About the Product: By helping people all over the world with real and meaningful gifts, with things like chickens and medicine, this gift catalog is a great way to give underprivileged people all over the world hope and happiness. When you make a donation, you are also able to pick gifts for yourself (such as an infinity scarf or charm necklace) as a momentum of your donation.


Visit the World Vision Website HERE


The Product: MY Garden Box

About the Product: If you love gardening, or know someone who does, this subscription box is an amazing way to bring smiles to gardeners faces all across the country. Choose a delivery option and prepare to be amazed by the gardening goodies!

Visit the My Garden Box Website HERE


The Company: Saddleback Leather

About the Product: If you are looking for high quality, uniquely crafted leather goods like briefcases, duffle bags and more, Saddleback Leather is the absolute FIRST place you must check out!

Visit the Saddleback Leather Website HERE



The Company: Loo Hoo Dryer Balls

About the Company:

Looking for a way to save on dryer sheets? Introducing Loo Hoo Dryer Balls! These are an amazing alternative to dryer sheets that will keep your clothes softened, with no added chemicals! Plus, they are ideal for delicate garments!


Visit the Loo Hoo Website HERE

The Product: Shark Robot Vacuum

About the Company:

No more struggling with a vacuum that doesn’t work! This one will suck ALL the dirt away, without you even touching it!

Visit the Shark Website HERE


The Product: The Self-Sufficiency Handbook

About the Company:

It’s all about self-sufficiency! This the best guide you need when it comes to having a self-sufficient home, garden and kitchen!

Visit the Self-Sufficiency Handbook Website HERE



The Product: Switch it Up

About the Company: If you struggle with diabetes, it’s time to stop fretting about your eating habits! You don’t have to give it all up, and this book shows you how!

Visit the Switch it Up Website HERE


The Product: T-Fal Rolling Pin

About the Company: This rolling pin changes things! With it’s unique non-stick surface AND a kick stand so it doesn’t roll away when you set it on the counter, this one is a must-have for every one who bakes!

Get it HERE


The Product: T-Fal 5 Second Chopper

About the Company: What’s better than a speedy chopper? This one makes chopping, dicing and pureeing easier than ever!

Get it HERE

The Product: Slumbr

About the Product: Want better sleep? The Slumbr pillow will do the trick! These unique, low cost (but high quality) pillow really WILL do the trick when it comes to a comfier sleep!

Visit the Slumbr Website HERE


The Product: ICO Vacuum Sealaer

About the Product: If you like to Sous Vide cook and take up less counter space, this sealer is for you! Designed to be the easiest sealer you can get your hands on, I think it does the job just great!!!

Visit the Impeccable Culinary Objects Website HERE

Gifts for Kids



The Product: Papoose Toys

About the Product: Geared for preschoolers ages 3 and up, these wool gnomes are the perfect toy for kids all over the world!

Visit the Magic Forest Website HERE



The Product: Smart Mat

About the Product: With a giant and interactive mat, this one will keep your kids playing for HOURS! Plus, it’s not good just for the house- it’s perfect for travel, too!

Visit the Smart Mat Website HERE



The Product: Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

About the Product: Fuel hours of storytelling and imaginative play with the BIGGEST garage EVER, standing over 3 feet tall with six floors to explore. Inspire car collecting and ignite their organizational skills with parking (and easy storage) for over 140 cars.

Visit the Hot Wheels Website HERE

The Product: Thomas Train Track

About the Product: Now kids can imagine and play out adventures with Thomas & Friends™ using all their engines! This multi-system track set with 3 levels of play lets children play with engines from Thomas & Friends™ Adventures, TrackMaster™, MINIS and Wooden Railway, including Thomas, Percy, James and Harold. In addition to being able to use any Thomas engine, multiple configurations allow for layouts that can fit any space in the home. The legs can even be removed to create a micro-layout for smaller spaces.

Visit the Thomas and Friends Website HERE

The Product: Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike

About the Product: This one will change the way you learn how to ride a bike! This bike is full adjustable with seats and handlebars that grow with the child and it transitions wonderfully from a balance bike to a pedal bike. This one is a must-have as a kids bike!

Visit the Strider Bike Website HERE

The Product: GeoSmart Moon Lander by GeoSmart USA

About the Products: Perfect for your little astronaut, or as an awesome STEM toy, this 31 piece GeoSmart Moon Lander will make a PERFECT toy for your kids this Christmas. Your kids will have a great time playing with these, while not even knowing they are learning at the same time!


Visit the GeoSmart USA website HERE

The Product: Starpath Doll

About the Company & the Product: Created by a mother-daughter team, these dolls are PERFECT for any girl that loves dolls and reading too. These dolls (and your girl) are written into a storybook, bringing reading to life!


Visit the Starpath Dolls website HERE

The Product & Company: PlasmaCar from

About the Product & Company:

With no gears, paddles or batteries, this gravity, and inertia driven PlasmaCar is PERFECT for kids wanting a rideable toy this year!


Visit PlaSmartToys website HERE


The Product: Superhero Capes by Everfan

About the Product:

Turn your kids into a superhero in minutes with these uniquely personalized superhero capes! You can personalize colors, add initials, and the kids will play with them for hours.


Visit Everfan website HERE

The Product: SmartMax – My First Safari Animals

About the Product: Put your Toddlers in total awe when they see all these new and intriguing safari animals! But, this isn’t just a bunch of animals. Creative kids can put together all sorts of crazy animal ideas with this set!


Visit the Smart Games Live website HERE


The Product: IQ Focus

About the Product: Even adults will love this one! Focus on your kids’ intelligence with this fun and engaging game that is designed to help expand their knowledge.

Focusing on puzzles, this one has over 120, so the fun will never stop!


Visit the Smart Games USA website HERE


The Product & Company: Stomp Rockets

About the Product & Company: With no fuel or batteries required, these rockets will soar over 100 feet in the air! These are a MUST for any kids that love explosions, fireworks or rockets!



Visit PlaSmartToys website HERE



The Product & Company: Aeromax

About the Product & Company: If your kids love role playing or want to be a future astronaut, this Aeromax set is for them!

Visit the Aeromax website here


The Product & Company: Hearmuffs

About the Product & Company: Talk about a gift that keeps giving! We hardly ever think of protecting our babies ears, and audiologists are recommending protection at a younger and younger age. Protect your sweet babies ears with these muffs and you’ll be a winner!

Visit the Hearmuffs website here


The Product & Company: Sunny the Robot

About the Product & Company: Looking for an award-winning science gift for your youngster? That’s where Sunny the Robot comes into the picture! Let your child build his own robot and have fun and adventure all day long!

Visit the Young Scientists Club website here

The Product: Gululu

About the Product: If you struggle with getting your kids to drink enough water, this product is about to change that! This “toy” turns drinking water into a fun game for kids, which keeps them hydrated throughout the day. Using a virtual pet as an incentive, the more they drink, the more the pet grows!

About the Company: In partnership with, they are providing one child in a developing country with clean drinking water for life, for every Gululu purchased!

Visit the Gululu website HERE

The Product: Cube-tastic

About the Product: A real cube and a virtual one through the app will bring this experience to life. It’s like a modern-day Rubiks cube!


Visit the Cubetastic website HERE



The Company: Jax Games

About the Products & Company: With a complete line of games that are more than just fun, but also educational, these are perfect for multiple age ranges. I love the Counting Camper and How Tall Am I Games, which are all amazing to teach your kids all sorts of different skill sets and ideas!

Visit Jax Games website HERE



The Product: Tonka Tinys Rescue Response Station

About the Product: Your little ones can be their own firefighter with this game, where they launch across flames, go down gravity ramps and ram through the cinder block walls!

Visit the Tonka website HERE


The Product: John Deere Monster Treads Mega Wheels

About the Product: If your child LOVES action, they will love this one! Fuel their imagination as they rip and roar all around the house with these mega wheels!

Visit the John Deere website HERE

The Product:  John Deere Deluxe Lightning Wheels Tractor

About the Product: This product is great for kids, with its motion activated sounds, color changing wheels and the fact that it has on-trend monster vehicle styling!

Visit the Tomy Website


The Product: Positively Perfect Dolls

About the Product: Teach your kids that standing out is okay….and can be popular too! With these dolls, kids will learn to embrace who they are, any differences they have and to be accepting of everyone!

Visit the Positively Perfect Dolls website HERE

The Product: Puppy & Kitty Surprise

About the Product: Not knowing how many babies they will have in their litter is half the fun! Kids will learn how to groom and nurture these almost real-life babies, as they make their own sounds and movements, too!

Visit the Puppy Surprise website HERE

The Product: Tangle

About the Product: A perfect fidget toy, the possibilities are endless with Tangle, as you twist, pull and turn, making all sorts of different shapes and puzzles!

Visit the Tangle website HERE

The Product: Lamaze Repeat Petey

About the Product: Looking to give baby never-ending fun? You’ll find it with the Lamaze Repeat Petey! Just like a parrot, this toy will remember what you say and repeat it back to you! He also has tons of interesting characteristics, such as a chime and squeaker,  perfect for sensory play.


Visit the Tomy website here


The Product: Silipint

About the Product: SiliPint is an innovative turn to reusable plastic. Unbreakable and fun, these are perfect for stocking stuffers or add on gifts at parties!

Visit the SiliPint website HERE

The Product: Blendy Pens

About the Product: 
Imagine kids being able to switch and blend colors when drawing without having to pick up a separate marker! That’s what happens with the Chameleon Kidz Blendy Pens!!! These pens offer a full-color palette with just one pen- reducing mess and increasing fun!


Visit the Chameleon Kidz website HERE


The Product: People Blocks – Zoo Animals from People Toy Company

About the Products & Company: 

Launched in 1977, the People Toy Company creates fun and intriguing toys for kids and babies all over the world. Their People Blocks animals are a really cool alternative to Lego! Great for STEM and block play at a young age, and with magnets, these blocks are the greatest beginner toys for babies!


Visit People Co website HERE

The Product: My Little Sport’s Medicine Kit

About the Product: 

If you have a little doctor in your hands, you’ll want to get your hands on this one! With a workbook that gives medical solutions to common issues like ankle sprains, this is perfect to engage your little one with a fun learning experience!


Visit Little Medical School website HERE

The Product: StrictlyBriks Big Brick Set

About the Product: 

If you are new to the BigBriks collection, this set is perfect to get you started. With tons of different shapes, sizes and colors, the building is neverending!


Visit StrictlyBriks website HERE

The Product: SackPals

About the Product: 

Almost like a sleeping bag, SackPals is a cozy environment where kids can slip themselves into and play with all of the attached animals! It’s a warm and comfy way to play -, especially during the winter months!


Visit SackPals website HERE


The Product: CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio

About the Product: 

Have a child that loves jewelry? This is a PERFECT gift for them! Girls can choose which charms they want, fuse them together and ta-da, they’ll have a perfect bracelet to wear to any event! I love all the different options and choices this one gives kids when creating their jewelry – and it makes a timeless gift!


Visit the Charmini’s website HERE

Are you a small business and you still want to be a part of the gift guide?

If your values fit with that of Little House Living and our readership, we would love to include you in this Christmas Gift Guide! Over the next several months this guide will be promoted many times to hundreds of thousands of men and women that are searching for the perfect gift ideas for their loved ones.

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