Frozen Yogurt Pops

by Merissa on June 30, 2009

in Recipes

This is my latest favorite treat to make. They aren't too unhealthy for you and they taste so good on these hot days, especially for those of use with no air conditioners!
2 c. vanilla yogurt (I get this at Target, its only a little over $2 for the 32oz. container)
1lb. Strawberries (If you don't have any on hand, they are the cheapest from Sam's Club, about $1.50 lb if you buy them frozen)
1/2 c. sugar
Blend all together well in a blender or food processor. Pour into popsicle cups, or if you don't have any pour into little freezer tupperwares(thats what I do), and freeze for at least 3 hours.
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