2020 Little House Living Gift Guide

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Christmas will be here before we know it! The 2020 Little House Living Gift Guide is a great way to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Little House Living Gift Guide

It’s time to start looking for the perfect gift for those on our Christmas list. Sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration for the perfect gift. We hope the Little House Living Christmas Gift Guide will help!

This year’s guide features handmade, homemade, and small businesses. So you can find the perfect gift that your friends and family will love while supporting another family along the way.

*Please note, the following companies have paid a small fee or provided a product to have these products added to this guide. All profits made from this guide have been donated to One Child.

Elaine’s Crochets and Knits

Elaine crochets and knits items such as hot pads, dishrags, scarves, and various other items.

To order hand-crocheted and knitted items from Elaine, email: [email protected]

Merissa’s Note: Hand-made dishrags are my absolute favorite! They are long-lasting and they get the job done. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Froggy’s Lair Biosphere

Pet adoptions have soared this year as families seek comfort and calm with a non-human companion. Pandemic puppies, cats and even frogs, are a marvelous addition to the household. Froggy’s Lair BioSpher($69.95) introduces African Dwarf Frogs to children who quickly discover how to nurture these aquatic creatures in a one-gallon tank. It’s the perfect STEM project for youngsters “attending” school from the kitchen table.

*Merissa’s note: Our Froggy’s Lair Biosphere arrived in October and our kids have been fascinated with their new little friends! Who would have known that a simple little frog could be such a hit.


Poobah’s mission is to unite people through the power of conversation. The fun, family-friendly game includes 250 playing cards divided across five categories: Emotions, Topics, What Would You Do, Debate and Activities. The game is specifically designed to:

  • Strengthen emotional intelligence
  • Share personal stories and deepen relationships
  • Improve confidence and decision making
  • Voice opinions and listen to different perspectives
  • Showcase creativity and role play situations

Merissa’s Note: I think Poobah would be a fun game to play as a “conversation starter” at the dinner table. This might be good to include in a family meal gift basket gift.

DePalo Products Coffee Wood Scoop

de Palo artisans handcraft beautiful, sustainable, functional products from retired coffee trees that would normally just be burnt as firewood or in the fields. Our coffee wood Long Scoop is long enough to reach to the bottom of a bag or canister of your favorite coffee while providing dignified employment for rural Hondurans in these communities.

Merissa’s Note: This scoop is the perfect gift for any coffee lover! They also have more beautiful coffee wood products on their website.

Essential Senses

Anxiety bracelets & artwork to inspire the senses. Custom made bracelets for weddings and schools! Paintings that are bright fun and whimsical. Essential Senses makes hand made fashionable diffuser, anti-anxiety ADD Bracelets and whimsical fun artwork.

Merissa’s Note: The essential oil bracelets that are sold in the Essential Senses store would be a great gift for anyone on your list that loves essential oils!

The Chef’s Garden

The Chef‘s Garden supplies regeneratively farmed boxes of fresh vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and microgreens to top chefs and restaurants around the country and world. And, they are now offering subscription boxes to home chefs, delivering them directly to them.

Merissa’s Note: I’m all about gifts that are useful and a box full of beautiful and fresh produce definitely fits that description! The product from Chef’s Garden is simply beautiful and tasty of course as well!

Birdy Boutique

Birdy Boutique offers Inspo Tapestries and Learning Blankets and they are the perfect lightweight wall hanging gift for teachers, virtual learning areas, homeschool,  bedrooms or as backdrops. Some have meaningful quotes and others include educational facts to display year round. All uniquely designed and printed by your disabled veteran owned business.
Use the code FALLFAVES10 good until Nov 30, 10% off educational blankets & tapestries. All blankets and tapestries have $5 Amazon coupons on them too.

Merissa’s Note: We are now owners of the Sight Words Tapestry and I think it will be such a fun thing to have up in our learning area as we learn how to read. These would be great teacher gifts.

The Visual Grocery List

Who isn’t tired of making grocery lists and writing down the same items over and over again? What if there was a quicker, easier, smarter and all round more enjoyable way to remember what we need to buy?

Introducing The First Visual Grocery List: With 150+ icons of your favorite products, all you have to do is circle what you’re out of! Make your lists in a flash, remember what you need at a glance & speed up your grocery shopping! It’s fun & easy to use for all, from busy shoppers seeking a smarter way to make lists, to parents looking for fun ways to involve the kids!

Merissa’s Note: The reason I love this grocery list so much is that even though the kids aren’t big readers yet, they can still help me make a grocery list which is such an important life skill!

The Succulent Source

The online succulent nursery is a family-owned (husband, wife and 5 sons all under 13 years of age!,) sunny Southern California-based business who ships nationwide! What would be a wonderful gift for any friend or family member are their DIY Kits ($25+), giving loved ones something crafty and FUN to do while at home.

Merissa’s Note: What a fun gift for any plant or succulent lover!

School Zone Kits

School Zone just launched their new Activity Kits and they would be a great Holiday Gift! They have all types of games, learn-to-read-books, workbooks, activities, and pens/pencils included. There are also QR codes that they can use to access more activities through the phone/ipad. School Zone also had flashcards that are great stocking stuffers!

Merissa’s Note: These little activity kids are PERFECT for those with children at home this year. What a great gift idea that is fun but a;so educational!

Buckeye Candle Company
Our shop offers a wide range of sizes and scents in our all natural soy candles. One of our most unique options is our set of large apothecary jars. They come in a 48, 64, or 96 ounce option. They are truly one of our most popular items.

We also offer gift sets to make gift giving truly easy, especially during this time where you may not see everyone you normally do. We offer to ship these directly to the recipient and include a gift message printed on cute stationery.

Merissa’s Note: Who doesn’t love a wonderfully scented candle? Buckeye Candle Company has some scents that sound so good too like Pumpkin Cookie Dough and Vanilla Cashmere!


Want to bring some cheer to someone who loves baking and help them take their baking to the next level? Gift them one of these embossed rolling pins! These beautiful rolling pins are also perfect for more than just cookies and pies. Use these new rolling pins for cakes and other sweets or for savory items like homemade noodles or pasta. You can also use our rolling pins to work with clay and other art mediums. Imagine being able to easily give your pottery a beautiful decorative texture in seconds.

Merissa’s Note: If you are looking for the perfect gift for the baker in your life that already seems to have everything, you need to check these out! So beautiful!

Seva Stray

Seva Stray combines giving and doing good into a business model that helps stray animals, benefits local communities, empowers women, and helps keep the traditional art of Indian handicrafts alive. We donate 20% of our sales to truly amazing organizations that are working hard on initiatives to improve animal welfare and make local communities safe. We provide support to the true heroes to allow them to keep doing Seva for the strays.

Merissa’s Note: There are so many great gifts here that would be great for anyone on your list that cares about animal welfare and loves something unique and empowering.


Use a water pitcher that supports the environment while also making your kitchen shine. This copper water pitcher is handmade by artisans using sustainably-sourced copper. It is easy to clean and is built to last a lifetime, avoiding the need for replacement.

Merissa’s Note: This water pitcher is just beautiful and would make a great gift for that person that is hard to shop for!

LeToyVan Wooden Toys

At Le Toy Van we take fun seriously and have serious fun doing it! Our toys are designed to play to developing senses and are packed with layers of discovery for young, growing imaginations. The Apples and Pears Wooden Crate is a sweet example of the quality of these toys.

We design our toys to encourage and inspire long-term imaginative play. Sensory layers of colors, sound, texture, and discovery ensure that a Le Toy Van toy becomes a well loved family favorite for generations to come.

Merissa’s Note: We love wooden play food in our home so these little apples and pears were the perfect addition to our collection. They are high quality and a great toy for boys or girls!

Dr Stem Toys Talking Cash Register

Kids will have fun playing store, counting money, making change, swiping debit cards, and making announcements on the loud microphone. PLUS, this toy teaches kids other languages including English, French and Spanish. This huge play set includes a large electronic cash register, play bills and coins, debit card, receipts, and open/closed sign. Perfect for home or classroom use. Our quality is second to none. Holds life size real money or play money so kids learn the real value of a dollar. Arrives in a color box so it’s perfect for gift giving. Great for boys and girls of all ages. Batteries are included.

Merissa’s Note: What kid wouldn’t love a cash register to play with? There are so many ideas for fun pretend play with this toy that the possibilities are endless.

Canned Good

Our all natural soaps are packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans covered in a unique design from an independent artist. Best of all? It contains the most amazing natural soap that comes in 3 different essential oil scented blends. With a reusable custom designed all natural rubber lid, it’s easy to REUSE the lid, RECYCLE the can and REDUCE your plastic waste. CannedGood is about making the world a better place and making it easy for anyone to be a part of that. Don’t get us wrong, fighting climate change is going to take some massive initiatives like planting 1 trillion trees and exciting new power sources. But it’s also going to take every single one of us making small changes that reduce our footprint. That’s why we chose to package our amazing all natural soap in familiar aluminum cans. Every can of soap we sell is one more single-use plastic bottle that doesn’t have to hit our landfills and oceans. Aluminum cans are simple and easy for just about anyone to recycle, and the world’s existing recycling infrastructure is designed specifically to recycle our cans over and over again.

Merissa’s Note: The packaging on these soaps is so much fun! These would make a great useful stocking stuffer or something you could add into a gift basket.


This innovative take on Volleyball is a foursquare model that folds up easily and can be played indoors or on the go!

CROSSNET highlights: • The world’s first four square volleyball game! • Sets up in minutes in sand, grass or indoors! • A whole new way to enjoy volleyball without a full team! • Easily portable and includes a travel backpack, volleyball and pump! • Adjustable heights make it great for all ages!

Merissa’s Note: A great gift idea for the person on your list that loves to be outdoors! This would make a great family gift as well for a family that is hard to shop for.

The Succulents Box

Succulents Box, the plant subscription box that allows you to create your own highly-personalized custom gift box and delivers low-maintenance, organically grown succulents directly to your door. Succulents Box is really the perfect gift for anyone, including: The hard-to-buy-for person (like a co-worker or your partner’s parents) The friend who’s into all things wellness The plant wizard with a magical green thumb The newbie plant parent who’s still getting the hang of things The person who’s spending more time at home (who isn’t?!) and wants to add some life to their decor.

Merissa’s Note: Succulents are so cute and they make a great gift for the person that already seems to “have it all.”

Jambo Books

Jambo Books is a subscription box service that offers books for children that reflect the diversity of the world around them. Jambo offers books for children ages 0-13 and have subscription boxes broken down into age categories within that range. Choose the age closest to the age of your child or you can choose a mixed ages box if you have children of multiple ages.

Merissa’s Note: My kids loved the selection of books in the mixed ages box that we recieved. We read many books every day but it’s fun for them to see a variety of diversity in the books since our own family is of mixed races.

Club Eimmie

Club Emmie is the perfect gift for girls that love their 18 inch dolls. With a monthly subscription, each package will include fun coloring sheets, and adventure idea, and accessories to outfit her doll and spark new creative play.

Merissa’s Note: My daughter loves all the little things from Club Eimmie! We love that they are full sets on a certain theme, not just a single outfit or pair of shoes. These little sets make playing with dolls much more creative and fun.

2020 Little House Living Gift Guide

Are you a small business and you still want to be a part of the gift guide?

If your values fit with that of Little House Living and our readership, we would love to include you in this Christmas Gift Guide! Over the next several months this guide will be promoted many times to hundreds of thousands of men and women that are searching for the perfect gift ideas for their loved ones.

You can contact us by emailing [email protected].

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  1. Hello I My husband uses the epsom Salts soak and find it really helps his muscles to relax. I can’t get in a tub very well, and I have neck & shoulder issues. Can I take the bathtub mixture (dry) and put it in a bag to put in the microwave to use as a toxin release for my neck & shoulders. I have alot of inflammation in there & sure would like to use something besides muscle relaxers to get some relief from the pain. Thanks for listening. Being in the country (& raised this way) I cook almost completely from scratch, grown our own garden, hunt, preserve & it really helps on the cost of things.

    1. What I’ve done for something like this to target specific spots is to make a heavy Epsom salt solution, place a towel in it and then place it around the affected area. It works great for shoulders and ankles and other hard to get to places. 🙂

  2. Merissa, could you please be more specific when you say a “heavy solution” of Epsom Salts? I have only a shower, no tub, and I have a lot of pain from post polio syndrome, arthritis, and neuropathy. How much salt to how much water? I would so much appreciate an answer. Thank you.